• Preterite / Conjuguer au passé


    Pour conjuguer un verbe au passé en anglais, il faut :


    1- pour les verbes réguliers : ajouter la terminaison « -ed ».

    Elle se prononce de 3 façons différentes :

    - /d/ played

    - /t/ chopped

    - /id/ shouted

    On ne prononce jamais le E.


    2- pour les verbes irréguliers : le mot peut changer une lettre ou plusieurs lettres. Il faut les apprendre PAR CŒUR.

    Exemples :

    go → went*

    be → was* / were*

    have → had*

    Il y a une liste de environ 80-100 verbes irréguliers.


    3- la négation : c'est très très simple !

    Il suffit d'ajouter DIDN'T avant la base verbale.

    Exemples : didn't go / didn't have

    Attention à l'exception BE → wasn't / weren't


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  • 05:
    A baby bird woke* up and his mama flew* away in the forest.


    The fish jumped in the river and the bird crossed the bridge.


    The fish sang* and danced again.


    They went* in the pond.


    The Once-Ler played the guitar and sang* too.


    The bear wanted to take the guitar because he was* very curious.


    The Once-Ler chopped a tree. The bears were* surprised because he cut* the tree.


    There was* thunder. The Lorax arrived and he got* out of the tree.


    The Lorax was* shocked because someone cut* a tree.


    The Once-Ler was* surprised because the Lorax was* very angry.


    He lied about the tree.

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  • Thursday, June 14th



    The story of the Once-Ler in paradise


    (a long time ago!)



    When the Once-Ler arrived in paradise, he saw*


    the grass was* green and the pond was* wet. The

    fish sang*.



    He saw* the first big tree. Under the trees, there


    were* many brown bears. They played and ate*


    fruit. The fruit looked like grapes and smelled like


    butterfly milk. The real trees were* colorful and


    softer than silk.



    Finally, the Once-Ler stopped and unloaded his


    cart. It was* A-MAZ-ING!


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  • Monday, June 11th

    The Once-Ler tells his story when he was a young man

    When he was* young, the Once-Ler was* searching for paradise. He was* obsessed so he left* his family, and one day, he found* it.

    It was* a new beautiful and amazing place because there was* a river and a small lake in the middle.

    There were* many trees of different colours.

    Maybe, there were* the houses of the family and friends of the Lorax.

    The Once-Ler was* surprised and happy when he looked at this new place. The trees looked like candy, it was* amazing!

    Maybe, after, he will meet the Lorax.

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  • Thursday, June 7th

    The differences between the two worlds

    (in the book and in the movie)


    Like in the book, in the movie the world of the Once-Ler is scary, terrifying and apocalyptic.

    The grass never grows. The wind blows and the crows sing.



    Unlike in the book, you can see the hair and the mustache of the Once-Ler.

    In the book, he knocks at the door whereas in the movie, he rings the bell.

    There are many traps in the movie while there aren't in the book.

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