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    Today, we did exercise 4 on your worksheet.

    Then, you practised for Joliot Curie’s got talent with fictive characters.

    College Joliot Curie's got talent

    What do you like (doing)?

    I like singing and dancing but I don't like playing rugby.


    What can you do?

    I can ride a bike and play football but I can't ride a horse.


    S + CAN / CAN'T + Base verbale. 


    Homework for Tuesday 12th:

    - être capable de se présenter comme un.e candidat.e

    - se préparer pour l'évaluation de jeudi.

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  • Tuesday, December 5th


    The talent of Olivia


    Her name is Olivia. She is 7 years old. She is very young and small.

    She is with her mother. She can write poems and she can memorize them. In the future, she will be a zoologist.

    I think she is very cute and lovely.


    She is not nervous or shy at all. On the contrary, she is very cheerful, energetic and talkative.

    I believe she is quite funny because she is extremely self-confident with her snake.



    - apprendre les leçons sur tous les candidats: savoir présenter, savoir dire son talent, savoir donner son opinion sur ce qui se passe ou sur ce qui va se passer, savoir parler de la personnalité.

    - devoir de fin de séquence le jeudi 14.12.2017

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  • Monday, December 04th


    Personality of Asanda


    She doesn't do her homework. But she sings and she dances.

    Her parents say she can't stop dancing, singing, and talking.

    I think she is too self-confident.

    I believe she is extremely talkative.

    I guess Asanda won't win the competition because she is too easy-going and energetic.

    She likes the songs by Rihanna and Beyoncé. She thinks they are magical.



    - savoir parler de la personnalité d'Asanda en entier.
    - connaître tous les adjectifs de personnalité.

    Personality of Asanda (2)

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  • Thursday, November 30th


    Presentation of a candidate: Asanda


    Asanda is 11 years old.

    She is with her mum and her dad.

    She sings a song by Rihanna and she dances.

    I think she will be qualified. She will have 4 yeses.

    The jury says she is very cute and lovely.

    The audience applauds and they are surprised because she is amazing!



    She is not nervous. She is extremely funny.

    She is not shy at all! She is very energetic and cheerful. She has a big smile. She is easy-going. She is quite proud of her talent.



    04.12: savoir présenter Asanda et sa personnalité.


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