• Keywords:

    school boy / 9 years old / from London / with his mom / nervous / a song by Beyoncé / very cute

    Extremely well / very well / quite well / a little / a bit / not .... very well / not ... at all




    - préparer au minimum 5 phrases pour parler du personnage (Malaki) et de la situation.

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  • There is the stage at the bottom.
    There is the jury in the middle, at the bottom.
    There is a large audience in the middle, at the top.
    There are many lights everywhere.
    There is a candidate on the left.



    - apprendre la leçon = savoir décrire l'image.

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  • Homework:

    - s'entraîner à refaire le puzzle en étant capable de dire où se trouve les pièces et ce que le / les personnages savent faire.

    Ex: There is a man. He can sing. He is on the right at the bottom.

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  • It's the music of Britain's Got Talent and it's the logo. 

    (Britain has got talent)

    There are many stars at the bottom and there is one big star on the left and in the middle
    There is a flag behind the logo. 
    There is one winner; you can become a star. 

    Sequence #2 - Britain's Got Talent


    many spectators / a large audience
    the jury / 4 jury members
    a candidate
    the stage / backstage

    At the top / At the bottom
    On the left / On the right
    In the corner / In the middle



    - revoir la leçon. 

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  • You must write your name on your clothes.
    You must use roll-on deodorant after the shower but you mustn't use a spray.
    You must shower with a towel.



    - devoir de fin de séquence 1 = revoir tous les cours depuis le début de l'année.
    - refaire l'exercice de mots mêlés pour bien réviser l'orthographe des mots nouveaux (vocabulaire des vêtements).

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