Charlton rules - part 2

    The bottom :

    At Charlton, they must wear black trousers.

    They mustn’t wear skinny or very tight trousers.

    Girls can wear a skirt or trousers.

    They must wear black leather or canvas shoes.

    They mustn’t wear trainers.

    Homework for Monday 5th:

    - connaître les règles sur l’uniforme à Charlton (part 1 and 2) + jeu sur le blog

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  •  Hello,

    Today, you continued to talk about Charlton rules.

    The Uniform at Charlton

    In England, the uniform is an obligation.

    At Charlton, pupils must wear a tie, a shirt and a jumper with the school emblem.

    There is a lion on the school emblem.

    They mustn’t wear a zip up jacket or a hoodie.

     Homework for Thursday 18th:

    • TEST sur les règles à Joliot (fiche)
    • apprendre leçon sur règles à Charlton


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  • Hello,

    Today, you played a team game about the rules at school. You did a very good job !

    Homework for Tuesday 16th:

    - connaître 3 obligations, 3 interdictions et 3 possibilités de la fiche.

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  • Hello,

    Today, you were teachers and you learnt new rules to the class.

    Homework for Monday 15th :

    - être capable de redire mes 5 règles (voir fiche images)

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  • Hello,

    Today, you discovered important rules at school!

     Rules at school


    In class, I must speak English.

    In the corridors and in the playground, I must line up correctly.

    In class, I must put up my hand when I have a question.

    In class, I must be on time.

    In class, I must write the date in my copybook.



    In class, I mustn’t be late.

    In class, I mustn’t eat candies.

    In class, I mustn’t listen to music


    In class, I can drink water in summer.

    In class, I can open the windows when it’s very hot.

    Homework for Thursday 11th:

    - apprendre les règles importantes à l’école par coeur.

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