• Hello,

    Today, you discovered a new document and worked individually and in groups to present and analyse it.

    We will continue next time.

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  • Hello,

    Today, you recorded your version of Michele Obama's ad campaign.

    Homework for Tuesday 12th:

    relire la leçon sur Elvis pour être capable de parler d'un article de presse.

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  • Hello,

    Today, you did a recap with more information about Michele Obama's video ad campaign.

    Then, you practiced pronunciation to imitate the American accent.

     Tips from Michele Obama (= piece of advice)


    People should do 60 minutes of physical activity a day because it boosts creativity, performance and concentration.

    People should get a backpack and go outside for a hike.

    Kids should spend more time outside with their family to do physical activity such as running, playing capture the flag in a park. It's just plain fun!


    Homework for Monday 11th:

    - connaître la leçon.

    - être capable de reproduire l'accent Americain (notamment le T-flap) en s'entraînant avec la video.



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  • Hello,

    Today, you had a flash test.

    Then, you watched Michele Obama's video again and we took some notes :

    60 minutes / physical activity /boosts / creativity, performance, concentration

    moving around is just plain fun

    get moving outside with your family today

    best playground / fun

    morning wave

    capture the flag in a park

    get a backpack.

    Homework for Thursday 6th:

    - rédiger deux nouvelles phrases à partir de ses notes pour reformuler les conseils donnés par M. Obama.


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  •  Hello,

    Today, you continued the list of advice from the first “Let’s move” document.

    And then, you discovered a video ad campaign, and you guessed what Michele Obama said.

    List of advice – part 2:

    -Parents should spend time with their family in the park, swimming and biking, to do sports.

    - The entire family should do chores such as cleaning the windows or vacuuming, to move.

    - Parents should celebrate special occasions with an activity such as a volleyball game or a Frisbee game.


    Michele Obama video ad campaign

    People should climb mountains outside.

    People should hike in the forest.

    People should do rafting in the river.

    Kids should be active in class.

    People should do extreme activities because it's funny, crazy and healthy!

    People should have a bike day with their family.

    People should fish in the river.

    Parents should organize family activities to do sports.

    People should take a boat and go swim.

    Kids should play American football.

    They should play tag or capture the flag.

    People should windsurf in the ocean.


    Homework for Monday 4th:

    - être capable de donner des conseils pour être en bonne santé.

    - TEST leçon depuis le début (conseils, habitudes, description d'image)

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