• Hello,

    Today, we continued to work on Ed Sheeran's song: Galway girl and you even sang a little bit !

    Homework for Monday 5th:

    - reporter tous les nouveaux verbes irréguliers vus dans la chanson dans le tableau en début de cahier.

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  • Hello!

    Today, you wrote your September or October news on the tablets.

    Homework for Thursday 18th:

    - revoir la leçon sur Galway.

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    Today, you discovered a new city in Ireland and the beginning of a song...

    Galway city

    The movie clip takes place in Galway, in Ireland, because:

    - The waiter has red hair.

    - The Guinness beer is an Irish specialty.

    - The bar is green like the Irish emblem (the shamrock).

    - The name of the pub is in English and the post-it too.

    Galway is the fifth largest city of Ireland.

    It is situated in the mid-west of the country.

    It is a fast growing city.

    Homework for Wednesday 17h:

    - être capable de présenter Galway.

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  • Hello,

    Today you prepared a short press article about something that happened in September.

    We must finish at home !

    Homework for Monday 15th:

    - préparer sa news (4 lignes et un titre) sur feuille en répondant aux questions : Who? When? Where? How? Why? pour ceux et celles qui n'ont pas fini en classe. 

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  •  Hello!

    Today, we talked about Elvis Presley.

     Elvis Presley death anniversary

     The document is a news article.

     The source is a website and it was* published on August 2017.

     It’s about Elvis Presley’s death anniversary.

     The King died forty years ago. 50 000 (fifty thousand) fans came* to celebrate his death anniversary with candles.

     It was* a candlelight vigil at night in Memphis.

     Homework for Thursday 11th:

     - apprendre leçon sur Elvis par coeur

     - relire l’article.

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