• Hello,

    Today, you debated again about boxing and dancing, and then you started to prepare your final task : imagine an argument !

    Homework for Thursday 13th:

    - finir son brouillon de dialogue et l'améliorer grâce au script donné en classe.

    - réviser en vue du test.

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  • Hello,


    Today, you had a debate on boxing and dancing.




    I think boxing is more strenuous than dancing.

    I totally disagree with you, I think dancing is more difficult than boxing because when you dance you must be extremely flexible and fit.

    This is ridiculous, I think boxing is as strenuous as dancing.

    I think dancing is more popular than dancing because there are many TV shows.

    Bullshit! Boxing is more famous. Come on, think about Mohamed Ali !


    Homework for Wednesday 12th:

    être prêt.e à débattre pendant 4 échanges minimum.


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  • Hello,

    Today, you compared different things and people again and we did a grammar recap about the comparative.


    I think some ballet dancers are stronger than boxers.

    I guess some swimmers are fitter than runners.

    I suppose some girls are more stupid than boys, but many are not !

    I think the Walking Dead is better / worse than Game of Thrones.

    I believe a Samsung is less expensive than an I phone but it’s more solid !

    I guess some teens are classier than adults, but many are more stupid.

    Homework for Wednesday 5th:

    - être capable de comparer 4 choses ou personnes en utilisant + / - / =

    - relire la leçon sur le comparatif

    Tuesday, December 4th

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  • Hello,

    Today, it was the end of your oral test on the argument scene.

    Then, you compared famous people again.

    Homework for Tuesday 4th:

    Ecrire trois phrases au crayon dans le cahier pour comparer les boxeurs et les danseurs.

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