• Hello,

    Today, you had a test and then I explained again the final task and how to do vocabulary research on the Internet.

    Homework for Monday, November 6th:

    Refaire son actualité sur Big Ben avec ses propres mots, en utilisant le prétérit et en faisant des recherches de vocabulaire sur Wordreference si besoin. SUR FEUILLE. Inclure l'introduction de la news.

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  •   Hello,

    Today, we finished to study the text about Elvis and then I explained the final task.

    Elvis' daughter was* present at the candlelight vigil and she said* it was* remarkable on Instagram.

    There were* many concerts around the world on the evening of the celebration.


    Homework for Thursday 19th:

    • Revoir tout depuis le début de l’année en vue du TEST.
    • Préparer une news sur Big Ben (headline + paragraph about Big Ben) en faisant des recherches sur feuille d’après la vidéo et s’entraîner à dire la news avec l’intro.

    Remember, you must imitate the presenter:

    And here is the report you will have to talk about (Big Ben):



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  • Hello,

    Today, you discovered a news article about Elvis Presley. You studied it like detectives!

    Elvis Presley's 40th death anniversary

    The different parts of a news article:

    - the picture

    - the news headline

    - the source (a website? Social media? A book? A newspaper?)

    - the caption

    - the date of publication

    - the first paragraph...

    > Who? Where? When? What?


    This document is a news article from a website. It's about Elvis Presley who died 40 years ago. He was* the King of Rock and Roll.

    The celebration took* place in the Garden of Meditation in Memphis, on August 22nd 2017. It was* a candlelight vigil. There were* 50.000 (fifty thousand) fans. ELvis died* in 1977 (nineteen seventy-seven).

    Homework for Monday 16th:

    - apprendre les parties d'un article et être capable de parler de l'article sur Elvis.

    - rédiger 2 phrases sur ce que l'on apprend de plus dans la suite de l'article.

    Thursday, October 12th

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  • Hello,

    Today, you had a test on your imaginary summer holidays and the -ED pronunciation.

    Homework for Thursday 12th: relire les dernières leçons.

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  • Hello,

    Today, you told* me your opinion and impressions about the summer news.

    Then, you corrected /id/ the crossword.

    Your reactions to the summer news

    I think the most thrilling/exciting event was* Neymar's transfer to Paris Saint Germain football club because it was* the most expensive transfer in football history.

    To me, the most appalling/terrible event was Harvey storm because it devastated /id/ a region and killed /d/ many people.

    I was totally indifferent to the female panda who gave* birth to babies in a zoo because it was not very important. I discovered /d/ it in class.

    Homework for Monday 9th: Evaluation

    • Prendre ses écouteurs !
    • Être prêt.e à raconteur ses vacances et / ou des news de l’été.
    • Faire les jeux sur le blog pour mémoriser les verbes irréguliers et la prononciation –ed des verbes réguliers.
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