•  Hello,


    Today, you told me about your holidays.


    Then, you revised the questions about your experiences and you watched a short video.


    Ben: a daredevil


    The document is a video application for the Best job in the World.


    In the video, Ben presents himself, his experiences and his tastes.


    Ben is crazy, adventurous and extremely energetic.


    He likes discovering new countries, doing dangerous activities and meeting new people.


    He loves ________ animals.


    He has already bungee-jumped. /t/


    He has run* a marathon.


    He has ridden* an ostrich.


    He has written* newspaper articles.


     Homework for Tuesday 24th:


    -être capable de présenter Ben (revoir vidéo sur blog)





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  • Hello!

    Today, you told me about your crazy experiences!

    Your crazy experiences:

    are you a daredevil?


    Have you ever bungee-jumped? /t/ 


    No, I haven't. I have never bungee-jumped.

    Yes, I have. I have already bungee-jumped once. It was in Spain, one year ago.


    Pour parler de nos experiences, on utilise le present perfect. 

    Pour le construire : S + HAVE au présent + Participe passé du verbe 

    -       PP régulier : V-ED 

    -       PP irrégulier : 3ème colonne à apprendre par coeur. 


    Homework for Monday 23rd:

    apprendre leçon par coeur et aller voir sur blog pour s'entraîner à faire des questions sur les experiences.


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  • Hello,

    Today, you discovered the theme of the new sequence.

    Thursday, March 29th_ Sequence 5: ADVENTURES IN AUSTRALIA

    Tourism in Australia

    This document is an ad. It encourages people to go and visit Australia. It's from a travel agency. It is for people who work a lot and are very tired.

    In the foreground, there is a woman. She looks cheerful and relaxed. She is playing with a kangaroo on the beach. It is sunny and warm.

    Tourism is an activity. You leave your city for 24 hours minimum and you visit a different country or city.

    You discover different animals, cultures, landscapes, monuments, museums…

    You eat specialties and you take pictures to have memories.

    You can make new friends and meet new people.

    I would like to go to Australia because I want to discover new landscapes and a different culture.

    I wouldn't like to go there because it's very far and the plane tickets are very expensive.

    Homework for Tuesday 3rd: être capable de présenter la pub et surtout de définir le “Tourisme”.

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  • Hello,

    Today, you had a test on Oliver Twist's movie on the tablets.

    No homework.

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  • Hello,

    Today, we finished the correction of the exercises and then we watched a fun video to practise the description of actions in the past.

    Funny moments

    He was jumping in the swimming pool when he hit*a big ball.

    She was dancing when she fell*on the floor.

    The dog was running when a cat appeared.

    A girl was sitting when a boy threw*a fish in her face.


    Homework for Tuesday 27th:

    - être prêt.e pour le test sur la description d'une scène du film Oliver Twist. / ECOUTEURS.

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