• Tuesday, December 11th


    The emotions of Malaki and his mum backstage


    Malaki is very nervous because he will sing on stage and there are many spectators in the room.

    Malaki is shaky and stressed out.

    He gets a bit nervous on stage and he gets a stage fright.

    His mum is very moved and she is worried about him.

    She says “I will encourage you: Yes Malaki, Go Malaki!”

    She thinks the jury will not buzz him.

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  • Monday, December 10th


    Future and reality





    1- I think Garfield will fall faint on the floor.

    → But in reality, Garfield thinks “Monday”. He is fed up.


    2- I believe Garfield will run and shout.

    → But in reality, he thinks the dog smells bad, has fleas, and is ugly. Garfield insults the dog. He is mean.


    3- I guess Garfield will throw his coffee mug

    → But in reality, he says: “I hate Mondays and I hate you”.


    4- I suppose Garfield will say “I love you”

    → And in reality he says: “Check!”


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  • Wednesday, December 5th


    Imagine the story of Garfield


    I think Garfield will drop his coffee on the table.


    I believe Garfield will scare John.




    Lundi 10.12 = terminer la fiche sur Garfield.

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  • Tuesday, December 4th

    The reality: what happens?


    In reality, Malaki stops to cry and continues to sing.


    His mum comes on stage and encourages him.

    She cries and she hugs him.


    One jury member comes on stage, encourages him and cries too.

    One or two jury members cry.


    The spectators applaud and cheer Malaki.

    They give him a standing ovation.

    Some spectators cry.


    Homework for Wednesday 5th:

    - savoir dire ce qui se passe dans la réalité pour Malaki

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  • Predictions

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