• Friday, April 6th

    At the restaurant


    Customer: Hi Johnny! How are you today buddy?

    Waiter/Waitress: Hi guys! I'm fine thank you. Are you ready to order?

    Yes. Can I have just the Mexican burger and cola please? because I'm not very hungry.

    How about you madam/sir?

    For me, orange juice and garlic bread.

    Would you like to order dessert?

    No thank you. The beverage is free refill?

    Yes. You pay once and you can drink again for free.

    That's it?

    No, I'd like chicken wings too.

    I'm sorry I don't have chicken wings. We stopped serving them.

    But you're my friend! Make an effort! You could give me the chicken wings, I'm sure!

    No I'm sorry it's just on Sundays.

    Have you ever heard the expression “the customer is always right?”

    I'm sorry but you have to order another entree.

    Can I speak to the manager because I really want chicken wings.

    Furkan, there's a customer that'd like to speak with you.

    Yes sir! What is the problem?

    I'd like chicken wings.

    It's not today, it's just Sunday.

    But in the menu it's written: “it's everyday”.

    I'm sorry, you can't have them. We're not serving them.

    But I want chicken wings!

    Okay but it's very expensive because today it's Wednesday but you can have a promotion because you're my buddy.

    No I want my lunch!

    Listen, I have another excellent choice. Today, the burger is our specialty.

    Alright, I'd like a Mexican burger.

    How much is it please?


    It's 20 dollars altogether.

    Enjoy your meal.

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  • Hello!

    Today, you discovered the countable and uncountable nouns.

    Let's talk about food

    a spoonful of sugar

    two slices of bread

    four apples 

    one bowl of cereal

    two bottles of milk


    Homework for Friday 6th:

           relire la fiche sur les COUNTABLES and UNCOUNTABLES

           se préparer à la rédaction de sa scène.

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  • Hello,

    Today, we wrote* the order of the two customers and then you did* a recap of all the new questions you can ask!

    The questions at the restaurant


    - Are you ready to order?

    - How about you, Madam?

    - How about the main courses?

    - Would you like to order dessert?

    - Anything to drink?

    - Would you like tea or coffee afterwards?

    - Enjoy your meal!


    What kind (=type) of soup is the soup of the day?

    Is the ice-cream really home made or industrial?

    Homework for Tuesday 3rd: connaître toutes les nouvelles questions du serveur/serveuse et des client.e.s.

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  •  Hello,

    Today, you discovered a different situation at the restaurant.

    Thursday, March 29th

     A different situation at the restaurant


    Two customers are ordering food at the restaurant.

     The waiter is writing the order in his notebook.

     It is a chic restaurant because the customers are eating on a table cloth with a fork, a knife and a spoon.

     The waiter is wearing a uniform. He has a white shirt, a black tie and an apron. He is very polite, he says “Madam” and “Sir”.


    Homework for Friday 30th: apprendre leçon par coeur.

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  •  Hello,

    Today, you watched the rest of the video extract. Here's what really happened!

     What really happened?

     The customer got* a gun but he didn't kill the manager.

     He shot* in the ceiling but it was* an accident.

     The manager didn't move at all because he was* extremely scared.

     The other customers were* scared too.

     The customer changed his mind and he had* lunch.

     He ordered a burger, fries and a drink.


     Le preterit simple:

     Dans les phrases affirmatives:

     Il y a des verbes réguliers : on met V + -ED.

     Et des verbes irréguliers* : on les apprend par coeur.

     shoot > shot

     get > got

     be > was / were

     have > had

     Dans les phrases négatives: on met DIDN'T devant la BV.


    Questions from the waiter/waitress:

     - Do you want / Would you like something to drink?

     - Would you like a dessert? / a side with your hot dog?


    Homework for Thursday 29th:

     - être prêt.e à improviser au restaurant

     - apprendre leçon (what really happened?)

    Carnet: Il n'y a pas heure de vie de classe le 28/03.

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