• Friday, December 15th


    The presentation of Olivia


    Her name is Olivia. She is 7. She is very young and little.

    She is with her mum.

    She can say a poem with a wild animal, her snake Lucy, around her neck.

    In the future, maybe, she will be a zoologist.



    She is very proud, cheerful, and energetic but she is not shy at all. The jury are terrorized and very surprised.



    19.12 - Savoir parler des candidates Asanda + Olivia

    21.12 – Test sur la séquence Britain's Got Talent.

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  • Hello!

    Today, you watched the audition of a new candidate and told me about her personality.

    A new candidate: Asanda

    Asanda is eleven and she is with her mum and her dad.

    She can sing a song by Beyonce.

    She's a big fan of Beyonce and Rihanna.

    She's very talkative and extremely energetic.

    She is very cheeky.

    She is too proud of herself, so she's very annoying!

    She says she is a diva.

    The presenters say she's very cute and lovely.

    Her mum says she doesn't do her homework, she prefers singing.

    She's not hard-working at all.

    Homework for Thursday 14th:

    - être capable de parler de ta personnalité et de celle d'Asanda.

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  • Hello,

    Today, you revised the personality adjectives with the pads.

    Then, we played a game to find who's who in the class.

    Homework for Monday 11th:

    - compléter au crayon la fiche récapitulative des adjectifs de personnalité.



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  • Hello,

    Today, you corrected the test.

    Homework for Friday 8th:

    apprendre les adjectifs de personnalité en s'aidant du jeu ci-dessous.

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  • Hello,

    Today, you had a test on the lesson.

    Then, you discovered personality adjectives. You must memorize them all!

    Homework for Thursday 7th:mémoriser le maximum d'ajectifs de personnalité avec l'activité ci-dessous.*

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