• Thursday, June 21st


    The police interview of DEVON



    She walked in the police room with head down. She was* ashamed.

    What were you doing yesterday night?”

    I was walking in the street when I went* to the grocery...”

    Stop there! I forgot*, can you give me your name?”

    My name… I'm Devon Wilcox, you stupid cow!” she shouted.

    Calm down Ms Wilcox and continue your story.”

    Fine… I entered the grocery and pointed my gun at the shop assistant. I asked him for money and he gave* it to me.”

    You know you can go to prison for your crime?”

    Devon broke* down and started to cry.

    (99 words)


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  • Monday, June 18th


    The accusation (2)


    John Pizer was* very suspicious because he liked watching fires.

    Maybe he was* a psychopath.


    Montugue Druitt committed suicide on the night of the last victim. After, there were* no more murders.


    Francis Tumblety was* suspicious too because he had* a collection of female organs… maybe the organs of the victims?


    The video:

    The man is sure he solved the case because five generations later, he found* the DNA of Aaron Kosminski on a shawl (a scarf).

    The presenter doesn't agree. She thinks it's amazing and fascinating but she believes it's an absolute mystery.



    - savoir accuser un suspect et connaître la position des 2 personnages.

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  • Thursday, June 14th


    The accusation!


    We think it's Aaron Kosminski because Mary Jane Kelly was discovered next to the Ten Bells. She was probably drinking at the famous pub when he was there too.

    Maybe he followed her in the street.

    We know he hated prostitutes and Mary Jane was a prostitute.

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  • Monday, June 11th

    The complete testimony of George Hutchinson

    1- I was standing against a lamp when I saw* a man coming in the opposite direction to Kelly.

    2- I followed them.

    3- He tapped her on the shoulder, placed his arm around her. He said* something to her and they burst* out laughing.

    4- She gave* him a kiss.

    5- He gave* her a red handkerchief.

    6- He was holding a pail of beer and they were drinking.

    7- They went* up the court together.

    8- I stood* against a wall for an hour. But they didn't come out of Miller's court; so I went* away.

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  • Wednesday, May 30th

    The vicious circle in Whitechapel


    There was a vicious circle in Whitechapel.

    There were 76.000 (seventy-six thousand) inhabitants in the neighbourhood and 1.200 (one thousand two hundred) prostitutes.

    So the district was over-populated.

    Consequently, people were 7 or 8 occupants per room. They were horrific and unhealthy conditions.

    So many people died of diseases and starvation.

    There was more crime.

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