• Monday, April 23rd(the twenty-third)


    Australia – important facts


    1- Australia is the biggest island in the world. It is both an island and a continent.

    2- Sydney is the largest city but it is not the capital city. The capital city is Canberra.

    3- The outback (the desert) is the most massive part of the country.

    4- Australia doesn't have an official language but people speak mostly English.

    5- Uluru is the highest rock in the world. It is in the outback, alone. It is the aboriginal name. The most recent name is the Ayers Rock.

    6- The most famous monument in Australia is the “Great Barrier Reef”, the most extensive coral reef in the world.



    - savoir présenter l'Australie.

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  • Wednesday April 4th

    Ben's skills / qualities


    Ben is crazy, energetic and adventurous.

    He has done* many physical activities. He is very sporty. He likes nature and the ocean.


    He loves discovering new places. He is a great communicator. He likes meeting new people and discovering new cultures.


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  • Thursday, March 29th


    The experience game


    Soumaya has already … kissed a cat.

    Nevin has already… had* a fight with her parents.

    Célia has already… watched a film with no subtitles.

    Owen has already… downloaded music legally.

    Léo has already… seen* a star in real life.


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  • Wednesday, March 28th


    Talking about your experiences



    Have you ever …. (past participle)?


    Positive answer:

    Yes, I have already …. (past participle).


    Negative answer:

    No, I have never …. (past participle).



    Have you ever mountain-biked?

    Yes, I have already mountain-biked many times.


    Have you ever done* rafting?

    No, I have never done* rafting.



    - imaginer 5 questions que l'on pourrait poser à une personne pour la recruter à un poste de "guide en Australie" (parler des expériences).

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  • Wednesday, March 21st


    Ben's activities


    The document is the presentation of a man. He presents his travels, his activities on holidays.

    He has done many activities and he has been around the world:

    - He has been* to Africa. He has crossed deserts.

    - He has taken* a lot of photos and videos.

    - Maybe he is famous because he has been* in the newspaper.

    - He has ridden* his bike in the mountains.

    - He has run* a marathon.


    Homework: savoir donner au moins 5 activités de Ben.

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