Newspaper article: 6 reasons to turn vegetarian


    The document is a newspaper article from a British website. We can


    see the source at the bottom.



    It is about vegetarians. 4 million Britons don't eat meat and the


    newspaper encourages people to eat only greens. They say eating


    meat is cruel to animals. It's better to eat fruit and vegetables.



    A lot of celebrities are vegetarians and eat healthy.




    The vegetarian diet:



    You shouldn't eat meat. It's not a problem because you can find


    vitamins C and E in many vegetables.



    However, a vegetarian diet is not less fat. You should pay attention.





    Homework: devoir de fin de séquence 2

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    Thursday, November 30th


    Let's move!


    It's a website the American government. Michelle Obama started this


    ad campaign to encourage kids to do activities and to eat healthy.



    I think this website is convincing because…:



    - there are many colours. So it is flashy and catchy.



    - there are many categories but it is organised.




    The advice in the video:



    I think she says: “you should be active



    you should visit the website”



    you should spend time with your family to do sport”



    kids should be active in the classroom



    you should ride your bike in the mountains with your family”








    Monday 04.12 = savoir décrire le site web + savoir donner des conseils


    sur la santé et sur les activités sportives.



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    Wednesday, November 29th



    6 pieces of advice



    Parents should limit TV time.



    Parents shouldn't put a TV in the child's bedroom because it's not


    healthy (eye problems, memory problems, you are not active).



    You shouldn't sit and wait during TV commercials. You should be





    You should walk around the block after a meal.



    You should spend time together with your family. You should run or


    bike at the park and swim at the swimming-pool.



    You should celebrate special occasions. You should organise a hike or


    sport match.






    - rédiger 5 conseils supplémentaires sur la santé (crayon à papier)



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    Suggestions for Mr Crazy




    He shouldn't eat mouldy chicken because it's not good for health.



    He should drink a lot of water because it's healthy. He shouldn't drink


    salt. For breakfast, he should have juice because it has a lot of energy.



    He should do sport to sleep better.



    He should eat 5 or more pieces of vegetables everyday.



    He shouldn't eat frozen carrots because it's not ice-cream.







    mercredi 29.11 – savoir donner des conseils à Mr Crazy et justifier.

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  • Mr Crazy's menu


    1- He usually drinks beer for breakfast because he wants to be drunk.

    2- He never eats lettuce for lunch because it's too good for health.

    3- He often has crepes for dinner because he wants to have diabetes.

    4- He sometimes has frozen salt for dinner to refresh his drinks.

    5- He eats rotten eggs everyday because he wants to smell.

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