• The difficult life of Charles Dickens


    It was* difficult for Charles Dickens because his family didn't have money when he was young.

    So the 8 children worked in a factory. They earned money and helped their family.

    At the factory, Charles worked 10 hours everyday.

    He didn't go to school but his mother taught* him.


    When he married in 1836, he also became* famous. He had* 10 children. But he divorced because he was* unhappy and maybe he loved another woman?

    He died suddenly. He didn't die because he was* sick or old but probably because he was* tired of his past.


    Homework :

    - savoir parler de la vie de Charles Dickens et y réagir en disant qu'elle était difficile. Savoir se justifier.

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  • Thursday, January 1st

    Biography Queen Elizabeth II


    When was Queen Elizabeth II born?

    She was born in 1926.

    When did she become a queen?

    She became a queen in 1953.

    What is her job?

    She is the Queen of England and Ireland.

    Is she married?

    Yes, she is.

    Who did she marry?

    She married Philip.

    When did she marry?

    She married in 1947.

    How many children does she have?

    She has 4 children.


    Biography of Queen Victoria


    When was Queen Victoria born?

    She was born in 1819.

    When did she die?

    She died in 1901.

    When did she become a queen?

    She became a queen in 1838.

    What was her job?

    She was the Queen of Britain.

    Where did she live?

    She lived in England in Buckingham Palace.
    did she marry?

    She married Albert de Saxe.

    When did she marry?

    She married in 1840.



    - savoir parler des personnages historiques vus en cours.
    - TEST = savoir dialoguer sur des personnages historiques (poser des questions et y répondre)

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  • Biography of Henry VIII (the eighth)


    He was* born in 1491.

    He lived in Hampton Court.
    He was* a king of England and Ireland.

    He became* king in 1509.

    He liked horse-riding and hawking. He liked archery too.

    He created the Church of England. He created the possibility to divorce.

    He got* married 6 times.

    He executed 2 of his wives and re-married 5 women.

    He had* 3 children: 1 son and 2 daughters.

    He died in 1547 because he had bad health. He had* an infection in his leg.

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  • Thursday, January 11th


    Lucy's week-end


    The document is a dialogue about two friends. The boy asks questions about Lucy's weekend.

    Lucy had* a nice / perfect week-end. She visited a wax museum in London with her pen friend.

    There was* the royal family: Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Diana, and Camilla too.

    They took* photos.

    Her pen friend preferred the pop stars and actors room.
    She kiss
    ed Brad Pitt!



    Savoir présenter le document audio + Savoir décrire la famille royale.

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  • Queen Elizabeth II (the second)


    Wednesday, January 10th 2018

    Queen Elizabeth II at Madame Tussaud's wax museum in London

    The document is a picture.

    In the middle, there is the Queen, Elizabeth II (the second).

    In the background, on the right, there is her husband.

    On the left, there is her son.


    The Queen lives in Buckingham palace.

    Her husband is Prince Philip and her son is Prince Charles.

    She is important, famous and rich because she is the queen of Britain.

    She has a lot of medals of honour on her blue scarf. I think the Queen has a very expensive bracelet / watch. She wearing gloves and a beautiful crown on her head. She has an assistant / a servant who is brushing her hair.


    In the background, Prince Philip has a red uniform. He looks more important than Charles. But in reality, Charles is more important than Philip because he has royal blood. He is the next king.


    She is older than a lot of presidents, she has more experience. She has reigned longer, for 65 years.

    She became* queen of Britain in 1952 and she is 91 years old today.


    Queen Elizabeth II (the second)



    - savoir parler de l'image en s'aidant soit du texte complet / soit des notes prises au tableau (cf. bulles ci-dessus)


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