Tuesday, October 16th


    The beginning of a love story


    First, Ed Sheeran entered the pub and spoke* with the waiter.


    He ordered beer, probably Guinness.


    Then, he saw* a girl. She was dancing and drinking beer!


    The waiter gave* him his drink and he drank* with his fans.



    He went* to the toilet but two men were drinking in the loo!


    Finally, the girl invited him to dance and they danced together.


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    Monday, October 15th



    Welcome to Galway in Ireland


    The document is a music video by Ed Sheeran.


    Ed Sheeran is a very famous singer, maybe he is Irish from Galway.


    In the video, a waiter who has red hair is serving beer.


    We know in Ireland, people drink a lot of beer.


    At the end, Ed Sheeran is signing an autograph on a beer coaster.





    Galway is a dynamic city. It’s the 5th largest city in Ireland.


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    Tuesday, October 2nd



    React to the News



    I think the most thrilling event was when the


    French won* the world cup.



    To me, the most appalling event was when the


    bridge collapsed because it was* a tragedy. There


    were* many casualties.



    To me, the most terrible events were the natural


    disasters in the world (for example the earthquake


    in Indonesia, or when the volcano erupted in





    I was totally indifferent to the release of the


    “Incredible” because I don’t like this movie.



    I was* totally indifferent to the new release of


    Jain’s album.




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    Tuesday, September 11th



    Summer holidays of Chloe




    The document is a presentation of Chloe.



    Chloe and Lucy traveled to Paris by train for 5 days.



    They slept in a small hotel in the center.



    I think they are British because they took the Eurostar and they speak






    They visited museums. For example, they visited the Louvres.




    It was their favorite museum.



    They took many photos and they ate a lot of food.




    They didn't buy presents because it was expensive. But they bought


    some postcards. They sent cards to their families.




    It was fantastic!




    Vocab: memories / souvenirs



    breakfast / lunch / snack / dinner



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