• Wednesday, December 5th


    The debate

    Boxing VS Dancing


    I guess dancing is more for girls!

    This is ridiculous! I don’t agree. Dancing is for girls and boys.

    But it’s easy! It’s easier than boxing for example.

    Now, come on! Dancing is as technical as boxing.

    I agree but dancers are less strong than boxers.

    Bullshit! Many dancers are stronger, more muscled and fitter than boxers.

    I support your view but I think boxing is more physical!

    You’re so wrong. I believe many dancers are more hard-working and they are not animals!

    I don’t agree. I guess it’s just a sport.

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  • How to compare

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  • Ballet ....?????

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  • Monday, November 19th

    The story of Billy Elliot



    First, Billy plays boxing but he doesn’t have talent. Then he joins a dancing class.

    So his father and his brother don’t agree because they think it’s a sport for girls.

    Consequently, his teacher encourages him because she thinks he is talented.

    Moreover, his mom encouraged him in a letter to do what he wants.

    Finally, his father accepts his passion.


    The emotions of the family


    First, Billy says he wants to dance so his father is extremely angry.

    He is both angry and disappointed.

    Consequently, he says a lot of swearwords and he tries to convince Billy for another sport (for example: football or boxing).

    Then the grand-ma tries to convince his dad because she agrees with Billy. She thinks he can become a professional dancer.


    Finally, Billy is both sad and angry. He says a swearword to his dad and……… maybe he will slam the door, repeat “I hate you”, and go to his bedroom.

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