Thursday, October 18th


    Rules at Charlton (2)


    Girls can wear a skirt or trousers. Boys must wear black trousers.


    Pupils mustn’t wear trainers, leather or canvas. They must wear black


    elegant shoes.




    When it’s very cold, students must wear a blue or black coat. They


    mustn’t wear a leather or denim jacket.



    They can wear a scarf.


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    Tuesday, October 16th


    The uniform at Charlton



    In England, pupils must wear a uniform. It’s an obligation.



    At Charlton, they must wear an elegant jumper, a shirt, and a tie.


    They must have the school emblem / badge : it’s a lion.


    They mustn’t wear a zip up jacket or a hoodie.


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  • Exercise 3 :

    Andy likes watching videos on Youtube and reading comics. He loves playing hockey but he hates taking out the trash.

    Chloe likes playing on her tablet and chatting on Facebook.

    She loves singing too, but she doesn’t like running during P.E. lessons.

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    Tuesday, September 25th (the twenty-fifth)



    Fares’s presentation



    He is a boy and he is eleven.


    He has one brother and two sisters.


    He doesn’t have any pets.


    His favourite school subject is PE.


    He loves playing football and he likes watching “Iron Fist”.


    He enjoys listening to Lacrim, but he doesn’t like dancing and fencing.


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  • Tuesday, September 18th (the eighteenth)


    More information about Tom Scott


    He lives in New York City with his parents.


    He doesn’t like cooking and reading books.


    He likes his emblem, it’s great!


    He enjoys listening to Adele because she has a beautiful voice.



    Great / beautiful / awesome / amazing


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