• Hello,

    Today, we worked on the script of the video and you wrote the different actions of the characters.

    Homework for Monday 26th:

    - apprendre le fiche, être capable de parler des actions de la video


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  •  Hello,

    Today, you justified Rapunzel and her mum’s personality with actions from the video extract.

    What are they doing in the picture?

    Rapunzel is preparing a chair for her mum because she is helpful.

    Her mum is not really tired, she is acting!

    Her mum is irritated because Rapunzel is singing too fast.

    Rapunzel is playing with Pascal and she is joking because she is cheeky.

    She's catching Pascal because she's excited.

    Homework for Tuesday 7th: apprendre leçon par coeur.

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  • Hello,

    Today, you revised last lesson and then we completed the worksheet "Rapunzel - Present BE + V-ING".

    Homework for Thursday 1st:

    - finir l'exercice de la fiche

    - être capable de dire à quoi sert le présent BE + V-ING (première partie de la fiche)

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  • Monday, January 29th


    The personality of Rapunzel's mum


    The mum of Rapunzel is very talkative. So, she is annoying. She doesn't want Rapunzel to talk.

    She looks at Rapunzel with mean eyes. So, she is nasty.

    Her mum looks at herself in the mirror. She is extremely narcissistic.


    Savoir parler de la personnalité des personnages.

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    Aujourd'hui, vous avez décrit la mère de Rapunzel.

    The horrible fake mother of Rapunzel

    Rapunzel is young and beautiful whereas her mum is old and ugly.

    She has extremely long blond hair whereas her fake mum has long curly black hair.

    She has large green eyes and a small nose whereas her mum has large black eyes and a big nose.

    She has a pink dress whereas her mum has a purple dress.

    Her fake mother is jealous of Rapunzel because she's beautiful and she's not.

    She's mean and maleficent and she has a dark side because she kidnapped Rapunzel.


    Homework for Monday 29th: apprendre leçon par coeur sur Rapunzel et sa mère. 

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