• Hello,

    Today, you watched the second part of Asanda’s audition.

    The personality of Asanda

    I think Asanda sings very well but she doesn't dance well at all.

    I think Asanda is very easy-going, because she's not nervous.

    I believe she dances like a diva.

    I believe she is very energetic because she dances a lot.

    I think she's very cheeky.

    I guess she's not nervous at all because she's a diva and she loves dancing and singing.

    I think Asanda is too proud of herself because she thinks she's a queen.


    Homework for Thursday 14th:

    - être capable de parler de la personnalité d'Asanda.



    What are you like?

    I am extremely tidy but I'm quite talkative.


    What do you like doing?

    I like playing rugby, but I hate going to school.


    What can you do?

    I can play football, but I can't ride a horse.

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  • Hello,

    Today, you played a game to guess who’s the mystery classmate.

    Then, you watched Asanda’s audition (1st part).


    The presentation of Asanda

    Her name is Asanda and she's eleven.

    She's very cute.

    She can sing.

    Asanda is not nervous at all.

    She's extremely energetic and very talkative.

    She thinks she's a diva.

    She likes Beyonce. She imitates her.

    She is with her mum and dad.

    She doesn't do her homework, she prefers singing!


    Homework for Tuesday 12th:

    - être capable de parler de sa personnalité et de celle d'Asanda (leçon)


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  • Hello,

    Today, you corrected the test.

    Then, you discovered new personality adjectives.

    Homework for Thursday 7th:

    - mémoriser tous les adjectifs de personnalité avec ce jeu :


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  • Hello,

    Today, you had a test about the lesson.

    Then, you revised the questions from the jury.

    No homework for Monday 4th.

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  • Hello!

    Today, you watched part four and five of Malaki’s audition and you described the emotions of the characters.

    The emotions of the characters

    Before the show, his mum encourages Malaki.

    Malaki is a bit nervous. He's scared to get a stage fright.

    Malaki hugs his mum.

    His mum is worried.

    When Malaki gets shaky, he can look at his mum.


    The selection of Malaki

    The jury and the spectators love the song of Malaki.

    The jury members say yes.

    The spectators cry and applaude. They encourage him.

    His mum hugs Malaki after the show and they go backstage.

    Malaki is selected for the next round.

    The two presenters interview Malaki and they ask “How do you feel?”.

    Malaki answers: “I feel proud!”


    Homework for Thursday 30th:


    - être capable décrire une image

    - être capable de présenter Malaki

    - être capable de dire son opinion sur ce qui va se passer (futur)

    - être capable de décrire la réalité (présent)

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