• Thursday, June 21st ( the twenty-first)

    (It's the first day of Summer!)


    At the Joneses'


    This video presents the Joneses' habits.

    In the video, Oliver plays video games, they are incredible and fantastic!

    Oliver never goes to the supermarket but he always does the shopping around the world. For example, in Jamaica, in India and in Brazil.

    Mister Jones often hoovers like normal people and he always does the cooking.

    Miss Jones always puts the shopping away and she always does the gardening.


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  • Hello everyone!


    Aujourd'hui, nous avons écrit la leçon sur la recherche de maison.


    Looking for a house


    The Williams move in house number one because they have got two children and there are three bedrooms.


    Their children love swimming so they need a swimming-pool.


    The dad/father loves playing cricket so he needs a big garden.




    The Smarts move in house number two because they need two bedrooms minimum.


    The family loves watching films and playing games online, so they need a home cinema.


    They have a dog so they need a garden.



    Apprendre la leçon pour mardi 19/06.

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  • Hello!

    We corrected the workbook exercises (pages 58-59).


    Then we listened to the audio document and we worked on the three houses.

    You completed the WB exercises page 60.


    For Friday 15/06: WB ex 70-71

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  • Hello everyone!


    Aujourd'hui, nous avons commencé la leçon 1 de l'unité 4.

    Vous avez décrit le salon de wallace et Gromit et nous avons vu un court extrait vidéo.

    Voici la leçon:

    The description of Wallace's living-room

    Wallace and Gromit are __________the living-room.

    There is a painting ________ the wall __________Wallace and Gromit.

    The magazines are______ the floor and they are _______ the coffee table.

    The teapot is__________ the coffee table and it is __________ the two white cups.

    The lamp is __________the red armchair.

    The coffee table is __________ Wallace and Gromit.


    Vous avez complété les prépositions de lieu à l'aide du sticker 15 du workbook. 



    For Tuesday 12/06: Leçon par coeur, 

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  • Hello everyone,
    Here is the lesson:

    Friday, June 8th (the eighth)


    In my bedroom…


    In my bedroom, there is a computer on my table/desk. There is a lamp next to my bed. There are posters on the walls. There are shelves for my books. My bedroom isn't tidy, it's messy !

    In my kitchen, there is a fridge to put the ice cream. There is an oven to cook chicken, a microwave oven to do your hot chocolate ! There is a cupboard for the cups and a kettle for the tea…

    Vocabulary :

    -a desk=


    -a computer=


    - a wall=


    -a shelf/shelves=





    -ice cream=



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