• Hello everyone!


    Today, you had a test on unit 2, recycle and lesson 1.


    No homework for Monday!


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  • Hello everyone!


    Today we corrected the watched a video and completed a worksheet about it. Here is the video again:




    *Pensez à bien réviser pour demain!

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  • Hello everyone,


    Aujourd'hui, vous avez complété "the invisible timetable" dans votre workbook page 24.

    Voici la leçon du jour:


    Tuesday, December 11th (the eleventh)




    The invisible timetable




    In this school, they have got four periods everyday.


    On Monday, they have got Science from 9:30 am to 10:15 am.


    On Tuesday, they have got PE from 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm (forty-five).


    On Friday, they've got English from 1:45 pm to 2:30 pm.


    AM= in the morning (ante-meridiem)


    PM= in the afternoon (post-meridiem)


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  • Helloe everybody!


    Aujourd'hui, vous avez appris à nommer les matières que vous aimez ou non et nous avons fait l'exercice 3 page 24 du workbook.


    Voici votre leçon:


    Monday, December 10th (the tenth) 2018




    Do you like maths ?




    -Do you like English?


    -Yes I do.




    -Do you like ICT?


    -No, I don’t






    I like English and geography but I don’t like ICT.




     I like ♥ I love ♥♥


     I don't like  I I hate





    For Tuesday 11/12:

    -Finir l'exercice 3 du workbook page 24.

    -Leçon par coeur






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  • Hello everyone,


    Aujourd'hui, nous avons fini la carte mentale sur les matières scolaires. Puis vous avez écrit la leçon du jour dans vos cahiers pour parler des matières scolaire au collège.



    Friday, December 7th (the seventh) 2018




    Schools in England vs schools in France






    In Joliot Curie, we have got English, Maths, PE, Music, History and Geography, Technology, French, Science, Art and Italian, but we haven't got Food Technology, Trampoline and Woodwork... 



    For Monday 10/12:

    -Apprendre le vocabulaire (carte mentale) et la leçon.





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