• Ashleigh's mistakes

    1- Mobile phones and the internet were* a big part of her life.
    2- She added a stranger on Facebook.
    3- She chatted with a stranger on Facebook.
    4- She gave* a secret RDV and accepted the date. She lied to her mother and went* to the date with nobody.
    5- Nobody knew* where she was and nobody worried.

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  • Identity: teenage girl / 17 / victim
    Place of residence: Darlington College (N.E. England)
    Likes: mobile phone / the internet (addicted to...)
    What happened: kidnapped, raped, killed, suffocated, dumped on a farm
    Her lie: slept at a friend's house / arranged a secret RDV -> met a stranger on social media = made a mistake

    The murderer: Peter Chapman / fake account / teenage boy -> sex offender (prison / prostitutes)

    Her mom: started a movement "Ashleigh's Rules"



    - savoir parler de l'histoire d'Ashleigh.

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  • Tuesday, April 3rd

    A Real Friend


    A real friend is a person that you know in real life. It's not just a virtual friend.

    It's a person we like who can share moments with you, a person who really likes you and supports you.

    If you have a problem, they are present.

    You can talk with them about your life and secrets. You can have fun with them. But if they betray you, you can be hurt.


    A real friend is not a person who uses you.

    They are not hypocritical, but they are frank even if it can hurt you.

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  • Friday, March 30th


    Coca-Cola ad campaign


    The document is an ad campaign against the dangers of social media.

    People are not connected with real life and they don't share good moments with their family and friends.

    Social media disconnects from real life.


    If people are on their phones in the street for example, they can make car crash.


    Social media can be dangerous for your morale. You can look happy, but in reality you are sad.


    Social media don't make you socialize in real life.



    - TEST sur les réseaux sociaux.

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  • Wednesday, March 28th


    Advice for the character


    He shouldn't peep through the curtains because he may have problems with the police.


    He should do sport because he may be fat and it's bad for his health.


    He should see a psychologist because he has a mental problem.



    - savoir donner 3 conseils justifiés (développés) au chanteur.

    - connaître le reste des leçons (devoir en prévision pour le mardi 03.04.2018)


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