• Questions about the dabbawallas

    1. Who are the dabbawallas?
    2. When did the system start?
    3. What do they deliver?
    4. Where do the dabbawallas deliver the food?
    5. How can they find the correct customers?




    - savoir poser des questions sur les dabbawallas et y répondre.
    - TEST = être capable d'identifier des informations essentielles et poser des questions sur ces informations essentielles (texte inconnu mais sur un sujet familier).

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  • Tuesday, January 23rd


    A very efficient service


    The service is old. They started in 1890.

    It is an important service because there are 5 000 (five thousand) members and 200 000 (two hundred thousand) customers and in Mumbai there are 20 million people.

    They don't have technology and they are illiterate. They just use the train, bicycles, and hand-drawn carts.

    They only have 1 problem in 1 million customers. Every dabbawalla is responsible for 40 clients.

    It is very difficult. If they had a GPS, maybe it could be better.




    - savoir présenter le service et le pourquoi de son efficacité (à partir de notes uniquement).

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  •  Tuesday, January 16th


    What is a dabba?


    A dabba is an Indian lunch box. In the dabba, parents put some food from home for their children. It's a delivery service for school children and office workers. There are codes on the metal boxes to indicate the client (the good person and the correct address).

    The name of the job is: “Dabbawalla”, it means “delivery man” in Hindi.


    This document is an extract from a report about a job in India.






    carry a crate home-cooked food



    - savoir présenter le service des dabbawallas.
    - rendre sa production créative + avoir préparé son texte d'accompagnement (présentation, description, analyse sur votre production) en anglais pour l'enregistrer = APPORTER SES ÉCOUTEURS pour pouvoir se ré-écouter.

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  • Tuesday, December 5th


    Analysis and comparisons


    Ruby is wearing a white dress like the skin of white people. She is wearing “only white” to mix and to integrate a new life.


    She was determined like a soldier going to war. I think she is marching because she is walking in the same position as the 4 marshals.


    She is wearing a white dress like at a wedding ceremony. Maybe it's an echo to the end of another law. Black and white people couldn't marry together. Or, it can be a symbol for a new future with another person together.



    - apprendre l'analyse sur Norman Rockwell

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  • _________________________


    - recopier la leçon dans le cahier + être capable de présenter et analyser le tableau.

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