• Wednesday, June 13th

    Rihanna's story


    This document is an extract from an interview. Rihanna gave* this interview to Oprah (Winfrey) after her breaking up with Chris Brown.


    In the document, she cries because it's hard for her to talk about her relationship. She felt* betrayed by her ex-boyfriend because he hit* her.

    Maybe she felt* betrayed by her family because they said* he was a monster.

    She was* angry but concerned about him. She thought* he needed help.


    so she wrote* a song about this episode in her life.

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  • Tim Burton, a famous American director, was a fan of Edgar Allan Poe (a 19th century author of gothic novels and fantasy fiction). He made a film called "Vincent" to recall the name of Vincent Price who was an actor in many horror movies, inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. 
    It's a story which tells the life of a small boy and maybe Tim Burton's life when he was a child.
    In this film, Burton makes a strong connection with horror movies as the narrator of the story is the REAL Vincent Price.

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  • Picture 1:

    Narrator -> Vincent's mom arrives, pets him on his head and gives him love.

    Malloy (saying) -> Hi mom, I love you too! Do you have some candy? Do you want to play with me?

    Price (thinking) -> Why are you petting me? I'm not your dog!! Don't undo my hair or......!



    Picture 2:

    Narrator ->

    Vincent Price is stronger than his mom and he boils and burns her because she has petted him.

    Vincent kills his mom and starts the first murder in his family.


    Price (saying) ->

    You thought I was you're dog... now you are MY FOOD!

    You pet me, I kill you!

    Die! You're so fat! I just want to eat you. You're the same as KFC!!!!

    Burn like an animal! You.... stupid cow!

    I will kill you!!! Kill kill kill you for what you have done to me for the last 13 years.

    See you soon in Hell!


    Malloy (thinking) ->

    Why are you killing my mom?

    No, don't kill her please! I'm so sorry!

    No, don't do that... it's OUR mom!!!!

    No mom... I love you...

    No mommy... she's so nice!

    I love you...

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  • The atmosphere of the movie: gruesome / dark


    Vincent -> two personalities

    - a psychopath ? -> kills a woman (his mother?) / buries this woman -> a witness sees him -> he has remorse (sees ghosts)

    - he is a schizophrenic genius -> an innocent artist (boy)
    - he is a schizophrenic genius -> an evil scientist (man) / adult in his head (has a mustache, smokes, performs bizarre experiments on his dog)

    - he's living a nightmare - wants a girlfriend but she dies -> takes drugs to forget

    -----> people catch him to send him to a hospital for crazy people.

    - he's possessed -> he doesn't love anyone.


    The film is probably about the transition between childhood and adulthood (= teenagehood)



    - être capable de parler de la personnalité de "Vincent".

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  • Wednesday, May (the) 30th


    The job interview


    Andrea wants to be a journalist but the job is for 2nd assistant.

    So it's a problem because she doesn't know about fashion.

    She doesn't read the magazine of Miranda and she has never heard* of her.

    She is not skinny or glamorous.

    She has no style and she is not fashionable.


    However she works hard and she is smart: she learns fast.

    She is always smiling. She is courageous, patient and ambitious.

    She is not scared of Miranda.


    She has the experiences to become a good journalist:

    - She has been* editor in chief.

    - She has studied at university.

    - She has participated in competitions and she has won*.

    - She has written* many articles.

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