• Hello everyone, Today you worked in groups about interdictions and obligations in the past. ------------------------------- Revise the examples for next lesson.
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  • Hello everyone,

    here is the lesson:



    Friday, January 11th (the eleventh) 2019




    The separation between Black


    and White people in the 1960s.




    -Black people had to use a different (a separate) sink/water fountain as white people.


    -Black and White people couldn’t use the same water fountain.




    On the bus, Black people had to sit at the back, they couldn’t sit at the front.




    Had to= obligation au passé


    Couldn’t = c’était impossible, interdit au passé.




    For Monday 14/01 : Apprendre la leçon.




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  • Hello everyone,


    Here is today's lesson:


    Thursday, January 10th (the tenth) 2019.



    From Slavery to B. Obama.


    Objectifs :

    • Connaître l’histoire afro- Américaine de l’esclavage à nos jours.

    • Savoir parler de l’obligation/interdiction/habitudes au passé.

    • Étude d’une œuvre d’art sur le thème.


    Lesson one: The video


    -In the first extract, we can see a crowd (there are mainly women) demonstrating in front of an official building. They are very angry/furious/revolted and they are shouting. There are many police cars and police officers in uniform and they have got US marshalls badges. So, we know that the scene takes place in the USA, probably in the 1950s or maybe in the 70s.


    -In the second extract, we can see mothers taking their children out of the school. The teachers look surprised and shocked. The pupils don’t understand what’s happening/ what’s going on.




    For Friday 11/01: Apprendre la leçon du jour.

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  • Hello everybody,


    Today, you had a test about sequence 2.

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  • Hello everyone,


    I hope you enjoyed your internships!


    Last lesson, we made paper poppies to finish our work on remembrance day.

    Here are your creations:

    Work for the holidays


    Pour ceux qui n'ont pas pu réciter leurs poèmes, vous serez intérrogés lundi 7 janvier.

    Pensez aussi à bien réviser pour l'évaluation bilan de séquence.



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