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  • Hello everyone,


    Cette semaine nous avons fait l'évaluation bilan et commencé à présenter les posters de la tâche finale.


    For Monday 19/11: être prêt à présenter son poster pour ceux qui ne sont pas passés.

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  • Hello everyone,


    Today you presented your posters about the dangers of social media.



    Revise for your test (for Friday!)

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  • Here is today's lesson:


    3. Recap what you know about the attacker.


    Peter Chapman is homeless . He was 32 years old when he was arrested.


    He was sent to jail/prison (=he was emprisoned) for 35 years.


    He is dangerous because he already attacked young girls and he’s known by the police.




    4. Give advice to teenagers about the dangers of internet


    - You shouldn’t speak to strangers online.


    -You shouldn’t accept friends requests if you don’t know the person.


    - You should be cautious and protect your privacy settings.


    - you should check/make sure the people online are real.


    -Never organise/ arrange a date with a stranger!


    -Never give too much information about yourself on social media!/


    You should change your privacy settings.


    -Think before you post/share compromising pictures/information !


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  • Here is today's lesson:


    Monday, November 5th (the fifth) 2018




    Ashleigh Hall (reading comprehension)




    1. Who was she ?


    Ashleigh Hall was a British teenage girl. She was 17 years old when she died/ she was assassinated/she was killed.




    2. What happened to her ?


    Ashleigh met a boy online in 2009, she chatted with him for a while and the guy posted/sent fake pictures of himself. They decided to arrange a rendez-vous/ a date. Ashleigh lied to her mum and said she was going to sleep at a friend’s house.


    When she met Peter Chapman, he told her he was the father of her online boyfriend. So she accepted to leave in his car.


    On the following Monday...




    For Thursday 8/11: Apprendre la leçon et rédiger 5 conseils pour avertir les jeunes des dangers d'internet.




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