• Monday, June 29th

    Monday, June 29th (the twenty-ninth)




    Survivor-Final task!






    My name is ______________, I am15 years old, I live in Lyon and I am

    from Algeria. I am the most tactical, intelligent and resourceful

    candidate. I am determined and sporty so I can win all the games!



    I have fought the COVID 19 pandemic so I can help people stay healthy!



    I have lived in the Australian desert for three years so I can can survive




    I have lived near a lake for five years so I can swim very fast!



    I have learnt how to make ropes with plants so I can build a shelter and

    make useful tools!



    I have saved people from drowning so I am the best swimmer!



    I have camped in the forest for nine months so I can hunt animals easily!



    REMEMBER: present perfect= have/has + participe passé


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