• Hello!


    Today, we tried to help the narrator of the song! 

    Here is the advice we collected:

    Thursday, October 19th (the nineteenth) 2017


    Advice for the man to find friends


    SHOULD + BASE VERBALE / (suggestion COULD + BV)


    • You should go out more often.

    • You should see a doctor or a psychologist to talk about your problems (to talk about the voices in your head.)

    • You should find a job and rent an appartment.(a flat)

    • You should practice a sport/physical activity.

    • You should meet people in real life.

    • You should take a shower !

    • You should start a diet.

    • You should move out.


    SHOULD NOT → SHOULDN'T + Base verbale

    • You shouldn't post nude pictures of yourself!

    • You shouldn't stalk people.

    • You shouldn't spend your time on the internet.

    • You shouldn't wear costumes at your age !

    • You shouldn't drink alcohol…

    • You shouldn't spy on your neighbours.

    • You shouldn't harrass people/ insist so much !

    • You shouldn't be a couch potato !

    • You shouldn't collect guns, it's dangerous !



    For friday 20/10 : Apprendre la leçon. 

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  • Hello everyone!


    Today, we finished working on the song and started to make the man's physical portrait.

     Tuesday, October 17th


    Imagine the man's description


    • I think he is very fat/obese

    • I think he doesn't have teeth.

    • Maybe he has white greasy hair.

    • Maybe he stinks because never showers

    • Maybe he has horrible glasses.

    • He may have pimples all over his face/he mave a lot of acne.

    • He may have a long dirty beard.

    • He must be very ugly because he hides himself behind costumes/uniforms.

    • He may have very big ears.

    For Thursday 19/10 : Learn the lesson


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  • Hello!

    Here is today's lesson:

    Friday, October 13th


    Add me-Final part



    The man never leaves his bedroom / stays in his room all day in a dog costume (we can call him a "couch potato") and he spies on his neighbours behind his curtains. He is probably an perv (pervert) and a voyeur. He harrasses people on social media with weird pictures of celebrities' bodies and different heads. He insists a lot, he's very stubborn. (He probably spams people's mail boxes).


    curtains/annoying/determined/stubborn/weird/creepy/to harrass/to spy/binoculars/to rape/to rob/to steal


    You can listen to the song here:


    For Monday 16/10: 

    -Faire 5 phrases pour décrire l'homme de la chanson (imaginez à quoi il pourrait ressembler)

    -Evaluation Verbes irréguliers (page 1)

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  • Hello everyone!


    Today we studied the second part of the song "Add me". Here is what you said:

    Tuesday, October 10th (the tenth)


    Add me (2nd stanza)


    This man cries a lot (he is a whiner) but he has a passion (a fetish) for guns/he is obsessed with guns, he is probably dangerous.

    He is an old man/an adult but he lives with his mum and he acts/behaves like a child. He is very immature.

    Finally, he puts nude/naked photos of himself ! It's very inappropriate because people can be shocked/offended by these pictures. (=these pictures are offensive/ shocking).



    Homework:- Réviser la leçon pour jeudi 12/10

                      -For Tuesday 17/10: évaluation verbes irréguliers. 


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