• Tuesday, December 4th


    Interpretation (3)


    The missing elements:


    - In the painting there isn’t a barrier but the canvas represent the protection for Ruby.

    - The painter says in the title we are the demonstrators.

    The Problem We All Live With”. We are all concerned with this problem (racism, segregation). We are all responsible.

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  • Thursday, November 29th

    Interpretation (2)


    The colours in the painting:

    The clothes of the police marshals are blueish or greyish contrary to the clothes of Ruby which are very white.

    Her white clothes against her black skin make a contrast.

    It gets our attention because it’s shiny.

    It can symbolize the new mix between black and white people.


    The position of the characters (head and hands):

    Ruby is looking in front of her. She looks like a soldier going to war. She is walking to a new better but difficult future and the marshals too.

    They have their hands in the same position to show they are determined and brave.


    The heads of the US marshals:

    In the painting, we can’t see the faces or the feelings of the US marshals. The painter wanted to highlight just Ruby.

    Norman Rockwell probably didn’t want the spectators to spend time on the policemen. They are here to protect her from the insults and shouts of the racist people.


    The splash of tomato:

    The splash of tomato may represent the blood of Afro-American slaves in the past.

    It can also represent the end of racism because the splash is across the word nigger, like the crack in the wall.

    It may represent the end of a racist United States. The splash looks like a destroyed eagle, the symbol of the USA. The world will change for Afro-Americans, but violently.

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  • Tuesday, November 27th


    Interpretation of the painting


    The lines in the pavement:

    I think the lines in the pavement are a symbol to show the future, the present, and the past of Afro-American people.

    (slavery, segregation and desegregation, a new world)


    The crack in the wall:

    The crack may represent racist people. It looks like a graph and there are fewer people who are racist.

    It can represent the hope of Afro-American people. There is more hope for black people.


    The feelings of Ruby:

    Ruby is brave and strong. She is going to school but she looks like a soldier.

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  • Monday, November 26th


    The painting by Norman Rockwell


    The document is a hyper-realistic painting by Norman Rockwell.


    In the middle, there is Ruby Bridges. She is the main character.

    We can see just her.

    She is escorted by four US marshals, two in front of her and two behind.

    One officer has the new law in his pocket. They have badges and yellow armbands.

    In the background, on the wall, there is a racist slur (“nigger) and the name of a racist cult (“KKK”).

    There is also one splashed tomato. Someone has just targeted Ruby. There is a big crack in the wall.

    On the pavement, there are 3 parts.

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    Thursday, November 22nd



    The 2nd day of school



    The 2nd demonstration was* more violent and more organized than


    the 1st protest.




    - People spat* at her.



    - They insulted her and they had* placards with racist slogans.



    - They wrote* a racist slur on the wall and they attacked her. They


    threw*a tomato at her.



    - They also wrote* the name of a racist organisation / a racist cult






    Ruby was* really deTERmined, brave, and courageous.



    She looked in front of her and she didn’t look back.



    She heard* the voice of her mom and dad in her head.



    She was wearing only white clothes so she looked pure like a queen.


    Maybe she was* a little afraid but she didn’t give up.




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