Tuesday, October 16th

    Aaron’s escape


    During 30 seconds, he closed his eyes and breathed.


    It was the worst pain in his life but he never said* “ouch”, he never


    shed* a tear and he didn’t cry like a baby at all.



    He said* it’s not because he was* a superhero but because he


    imagined his family.


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    Thursday, October 11th



    Optimistic or pessimistic?



    I think Aaron was optimistic when he fell in the canyon because:


    - He wanted to survive.


    - He didn’t want to commit suicide.


    - He was probably prepared for an accident.


    - He wanted to see his family and he imagined this moment.


    - He imagined he could become famous or a legend.



    On the contrary, I think he was pessimistic because:


    - He didn’t want to stay alone.


    - He was blocked in a desert where nobody could hear him, could see

    him or could rescue him.


    - He could lose his hand.


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    Tuesday, October 2nd




    127 hours of survival



    Aaron was riding his bike when he fell*.


    He met* two girls but they parted quickly.


    He was climbing a canyon when a rock fell* on his


    hand. So he was* trapped.


    At the end, he cut* his hand with a knife.


    Luckily, there were* two people and they rescued




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    Thursday, September 27th


    The trailer of a movie


    The document is a trailer / a teaser of a famous movie.


    It takes place in the bush during the day.

    There are two women and one man. They are visiting the desert.


    The man is recording his adventure and they are taking photos.


    At one moment, the scene takes place in a cave in a pool.

    The man jumps in the water and he gets hurt.


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    Tuesday, September 25th



    Guide to Survive in the Bush



    The most important to survive in the bush is your voice and people.



    Because if you don’t have a voice, you can’t shout for help and get





    You must not panic, you must stay calm because if you panic, you


    can’t breathe.




    The 2nd most important things are the clothes, because if it’s cold,


    you can freeze and die.




    The 3rd most important thing is water because without water you


    can’t survive more than 3 days.



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