• Hello everyone!


    Aujourd'hui, nous avons travaillé révisé pour l'évaluation de lundi.

    Certains ont dû réaliser leur tache finale. 






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  • Hello everyone!

    Today, we started the final task: prepare a video or a slideshow to apply for the best job in the world!


    Vous avez mis en forme vos brouillons.


    For Friday 8/06: rendre sa vidéo sur clé usb ou via mail (laclasse.com)

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  • Hello!

     Today, I told you a story and you had to take notes in 4 different sections:

    1 Initial situation

    2 Problem

    3 Help

    4 Resolution of the problem

    5 Conclusion.



    Then we discussed dreamtime stories and their meanings.



    For Friday 25/05: préparer son histoire au brouillon en veillant bien à respecter ses 5 étapes.

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  • Hello everyone,


    Today, we revised the superlative, then we listened to a phone conversation between Jack and his mother, here it is:



    Jack is a 19 year-old British student. He is sending a semester in Australia (he is staying 6 months there). He lives in Melbourne. He is phoning his parents. His mother answers the phone.




    In his conversation, Jack explains that Australia is terrific !


    He has visited Uluru and he says it's gigantic, probably the most beautiful site he has ever seen. He has met aboriginal artists : their art is very unusual/their paintings are very different: they paint with dots. He has been to Sydney: it's the coolest city he has ever visited and it is breathtaking !


    He sounds very enthusiastic about everything but his mother is very tired because it's very early (only 3. 25 AM =in the morning) in Bristol and she was sleeping when the phone rang !


    She wants Jack to call her back in the afternoon or send and email.



    For Thursday 24/05: Finir de copier la leçon et l'apprendre.


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  • Homework for friday 18/05:


    Say it in English :




    - C'est la voiture la plus chère du quartier.




    -C'est le plus petit T-shirt de la boutique




    -C'est l'ordinateur le plus puissant.




    -C'est l'élève le plus organisé du groupe.




    -New York est la plus grande ville des USA.




    -Einstein est le plus intelligent des scientifiques.




    -Le Titanic était le plus grand bateau de tous les temps !


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