• Hello!


    On Monday, we continued atlking about your personality. 

    Here is the lesson:

    Monday, October 16th (the sixteenth) 2017


    What are you like ?


    +++++ Extremely…..

    ++++ very…...

    +++ quite ….

    ++a little/ a bit ….

    +-Not very….

    X Not ………… at all



    I am……….and………. but ……...


     Homework: finir sa phrase et revoir les 2 leçons. 



    Today, we compared different people in the classroom, here is the lesson:

    Thursday, October 19th (the nineteenth) 2017


    Can you compare ?


    -Jehu is as talkative as Lubin.-→ Egalité


    -Dounia is more jealous than Razane.

    -Jacques is clumsier than Yacoub.


    -Lesly is less shy than Ilhem.



    -adjectifs avec une seule syllabe: adj +er+than

    -adjectifs qui se terminent par un 'Y : clumsy--> clumsier+than

    For Friday 20/10 : apprendre la leçon. 


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  • Hello everyone,


    Today, you had a quick test on irregular verbs. (you were veru chatty!)

    Then we started our new chapter about personalities (you were still very chatty...) and you will need to finish the lesson by yourselves.

    Here it is:

    Sequence 1: talk about your personality

    What are they like?

    (≠What do they like?) 

    Fiona is talkative

    Ian is hardworking

    Andrew is polite

    Judy is patient 

    Greg is clumsy

    Oliver is shy

    Bill is lazy

    Mike is jealous

    Emma is messy

    Paul is absent-minded

    Nigel is selfish

    Bruce and Tom are funny 


    Homework for Monday 16/10:

    Finir de copier la leçon et l'apprendre. 

    Play here: https://learningapps.org/watch?v=puiydzyoa


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  • hello!

    You didn't have english class today... 


    Don't forget to revise for your test next Thursday!

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  • Hello everyone!


    Aujourd'hui, vous avez raconté la suite de notre histoire inventée... pour la plupart d'entre vous, c'était trop court et trop simple, il va falloir travailler davantage!

    Ensuite vous avez décrit une image sur des faits passés et répondu à des questions au prétérit.


    For Monday 9/10: bien revoir la page 1 des verbes irréguliers pour une évaluation; s’entraîner à être "fluency MC!" (vidéo) ci dessous. 



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  • Hello everyone,


    Today, we played games with irregular verbs you tried to sing like fluency MC...

    The we wrote the beginning of a story

    Monday, October 2nd (the second) 2017


    Complete the story


    How (be) your summer? Mine (be) fantastic ! I (go) to the south of France with my family, we (travel) by train. It (take) 3 hours…

    We (spend) one week in a hotel near Avignon, we (go) to the beach and (enjoy) the sea!We (eat) a lot of chips and we (make) giant barbecues !

    I (buy) one ice-cream every day, but one day….




    for Friday 06/10: Finir son histoire.

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