• Tuesday, December 11th


    The passion of a girl: Bend it like Beckham


    The document is a video about the passion of a girl but her mum doesn’t want her to play football.


    The daughter wants to play football because she likes it and she is very good.

    She doesn’t want to cook and get married.


    Finally, her mother gets crazier and angrier because she doesn’t accept the passion of her daughter.

    She thinks she is the shame of the family.

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  • Tuesday, December 4th

    The debate


    I think dancing is as easy as boxing

    You’re so wrong!

    It’s more technical.

    In dancing you can express your emotions

    This is total rubbish*.

    Dancing is the best sport ever.


    Ballet is more strenuous because you must have a diploma.

    Now come on*! In boxing too! It’s a professional sport.

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  • How to compare

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  • Magazine créé avec Madmagz.

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  • Wednesday, November 21st


    The argument


    The dad is very vulgar and extremely irritated.

    In the scene, the tension is growing.

    The characters get angrier and angrier because the dad doesn’t want Billy to dance. He thinks dancing is just for girls / “poofs”.

    Ballet ....?????


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