• Hello everyone,

    This is what we did last week:

    On Thursday, March 22nd, we started comparing three dcouments(an extract; a painting and a movie still from Oliver Twist. )

    Your homework was to write other differences using 'whereas', 'but' or 'both'.

    On Friday, March 23rd, we revised sequence 4 for the final test, you watched more extracts about Oliver twist and used the two preterites.


    On Thursday, March 29th, we started our new chapter: Australia!

    We brainstormed everything you know about the country and you wrote a mindmap in your copybooks.


    Today, you had your final test.



    Homework for Friday 6/04: être capable de parler de l'Australie d'après les éléments du cahier et écrire 5 phrases. 


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  • Hello everyone!


    Today, We did many exercises about the past tense...

    Here are some examples:


    -Yesterday morning , I was sleeping when I got scared by a clown !




    -At one p.m, I was eating at the canteen when my friend fainted !




    -At about 2.30PM I was studying in class when the teacher fell on the floor and everybody laughed !




    -At 6.30PM I was doing my homework when a sheep entered my bedroom!




    -Later, in the evening my parents and I were having dinner when the lightbulb burst in the center of the table !






    For Thursday 22/03 : Revoir les exercices.


    Sur feuille : Ecrire 10 phrases (récit alternant les 2 prétérits) sur feuille à me rendre






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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, we worked on grammar (prétérit simple/ be+ V-ing) et vous avez rempli une fiche dans vos cahiers.


    For Monday 19:03: Apprendre les phrases par coeur et traduire les phrases de la fiche.

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  • Hello everyone,


    Today, we Continued working on the video extracts. Here is the leson:



    For Friday (we have two lessons, remember!!): revoir les leçons de lundi et jeudi.

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