• Hello everyone!


    Today, you played a game about celebrities!

    Here is the lesson:


    Thursday, February 8th (the eighth) 2018




    Blind test : How long ago did they die ?




    • When was he/she born ?

    • When did he/she die ?

    • How long ago did he/she die ?




    -Mickael Jackson was born in 1958 and he died in 2009, it was nine years ago.




    -Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 and she died in 1962, it was fifty-six years ago.






    For Friday 09/02:

    Apprendre sa leçon et la ceinture bleue.


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  • Helloe everyone!


    Today, you practised questions and completed a worksheet in pairs.

    Here it is (thanks Mr Hattais!)


    For Monday 5/02: Revoir les informations de la feuille pour présenter l'une des 4 personnes.

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    Friday, January 26th




    Henry 8th executed 2 of his wives and divorced twice. He also created the Church of England. One of them died in childbirth.




    The great fire of London : it was a violent fire which took place in London and destroyed the centre of the city. The fire lasted three days (from Sunday September 2nd to Wednesday September 5th 1666.




    The gunpowder plot : It was a failed attempt to kill king James 1st because he 'rejected' catholics. A group of people put 36 barrels of gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament but soon regretted when they realised that innocent people would be killed. One of them wrote a letter to the king to warn him. They found a man called 'Guy fawkes' in the building, he was tortured and killed.


    Now, every year, on November 5th British people celebrate 'bonfire night' with a lot of fires and fireworks !


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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, we corrected your homework (research on famous historical facts). Here is the lesson



    Thursday, January 25th (the twenty-fifth) 2018.




    Who was Henry the eighth ?




    He was born in 1491 and Tudor was his family name. He became king of England in 1509 and he died in 1547. He had Irish origins.




    Henry VIIIth married 6 different women. /He was married to six different women.




    For Friday 26/01 : Revoir la leçon et finir ses recherches (mots soulignés)




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