• Friday, December 15th


    The advantages of the vegan / vegetarian choice


    Vegetarians say should turn vegetarians because:

    - it's less cruel to animals

    - it's better for your health: you can live longer because you have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

    - meat is more expensive than vegetables

    - meat is more pollutant than vegetables.



    - savoir donner au moins 4 avantages au végétarisme.

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    Reasons to turn vegetarian or vegan



    The document is a newspaper article.



    It is an article to encourage people to turn vegetarian.



    The website gives a lot of advice.



    To be vegetarian, you mustn't eat meat but you can eat vegetables.


    Some vegetarians say eating meat is ...................... to animals. We


    shouldn't kill them.



    Becoming vegetarian is .............. Some nutritionists say people who


    are vegetarians are in ................ health.



    You eat less fat. It's slimming.






    You shouldn't eat too much sugar.






    - Relire le texte


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  • Tuesday, December 5th


    Recommendations about physical activities


    Kids should do 60 minutes of physical activity everyday because it's healthy. It's good for memory and it boosts the concentration and the creativity.


    Children should do active outside games. For example, they should play “capture the flag”.


    Families should do regular physical activity everyday. For example, they should bike and explore America's outdoors.


    People should get active in the morning but they shouldn't procrastinate.



    - revoir la vidéo de Michelle Obama et s'entraîner à avoir le meilleur accent américain possible.

    - savoir donner des conseils sur la santé et le sport.

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  • Friday, December 1st


    Let's Move!


    This document is an ad campaign to encourage children and families to get active and do sports.

    I think, in the introduction, Michelle Obama presents the website.

    Then she gives advice. For example, she says:

    you should do sport with your family or your friends”

    you should hike in the forest

    you should swim at the lake

    you should do rock-climbing at the mountains

    you should run at the park with your family”


    At the end, she promotes the website. Maybe she says: “you should visit our website for more information”.

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    Thursday, November 30th




    Family activities




    1- You shouldn't watch a lot of TV and sit during the ads.



    2- You should take the stairs. You shouldn't take the elevator because it


    is the easy option.




    3- You should organise some activities for your birthday: for example,


    you should hike or you should ride your bike.



    4- You should swim with your family.



    5- You should walk after a meal. For example, after breakfast you


    should do sport.







    the block / hike / a meal







    pour vendredi 01/12 = savoir donner des conseils sur les activités / la





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