• Friday, June 22nd


    The future of forensic science!


    1- In the future, we will invent new machines.

    We will resuscitate the conscience of the victims to ask them questions.


    2- In the future, we will spy on the minds of people.


    3- In the future, we will predict the future and arrest the suspect before the crime. (cf. film)


    4- In the future, we will invent new machines. They will project the crime scene.


    5- In the future, we will create a machine where we send the victim to revive their crimes and see their murderers again.

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  • Tuesday, June 19th

    The case finally solved?


    This document is an extract from the TV news. It's an interview of a

    forensics scientist. He says he found the identity of Jack the Ripper in



    The crimes happened in 1888, 130 years ago.


    Jack the Ripper was a serial killer and he lived in Victorian London in

    Whitechapel, the neighborhood where there were many victims.


    Aaron Kosminski was identified as Jack the Ripper by a shawl left by

    the body thanks to technology (DNA). He was a Polish immigrant.


    The presenter is not sure of the identity of Jack the Ripper.


    amazing / fascinating / how can you be so sure? / an absolute



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  • The accusation!

    Inspector Abberline – his report


    In the case of Jack the Ripper… I'm sorry to announce that we can't know who the real killer is for the moment.

    Some police officers think it's the hairdresser because he had* access to scissors and he was drinking beers at the Ten Bells. He was* a regular customer.

    Others believe it was the American doctor. He knew* the anatomy of people, he was obsessed with female organs and he smoked illegal substances.

    Finally, I believe it was a woman! Mary Pearcy. She was a midwife at the hospital. She knew people's anatomy and she probably wanted to stop the flow of pregnant prostitutes.


    Maybe in the future, the police will know thanks to science!

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  • Friday, June 8th

    Testimony / Interrogation


    1- Can you describe him? What was he wearing?

    He was wearing a cape but I can't describe him. It was dark and I didn't see his face.


    2- What time was it? What were you doing?

    It was 2 a.m. / I was walking in the street……….


    3- Did you hear anything? What did they say?

    Sorry, I didn't hear but they laughed.


    4- What were they doing?

    They were drinking, talking and laughing. So I can imagine he was a regular customer.


    5- What is your connection with Mary Kelly? How did you know her?

    She was my neighbor. She asked me for money but I refused. I have money problems too.

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  • Tuesday, May 29th


    Whitechapel: consequences of overpopulation


    In Whitechapel, there were a lot of people. There were 76.000 inhabitants. So there were many diseases and people couldn't go to the doctor's because they didn't have money.


    They had a poor salary in particular women, so many women became prostitutes because they lost their partners for example. They couldn't feed their kids.

    There were 1200 prostitutes in Whitechapel.


    The overpopulation created an environment where there was a lot of crime. For example, people robbed money and food to survive. There were also a lot of murders and rapes.

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