• Tuesday, April 24th


    Important facts about Australia


    1- Australia is the smallest continent but it is the 6th largest country in the world. Only 20 million people live in Australia.

    2- Sydney is the largest city but it is not the capital. The most populated cities are on the eastern and southern coasts.

    3- The aborigines play the didgeridoo, a wooden musical instrument. They think it's the voice of the earth, probably the most ancient instrument in the world.

    4- Uluru is a spiritual for the aborigines and the biggest rock / monolith in Australia.

    5- Australia is one of the sunniest places in the world.





    - savoir parler d'au moins 8 faits culturels importants pour l'Australie.
    - savoir faire un schéma géographique avec légende en anglais sur l'Australie.

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  • Friday, April 6th


    Cultural facts about Australia


    In Australia, there is more desert than cities. The outback is very large between 60 and 70 percent of the country.


    Australia is an island, a country, and a continent! Can you imagine?!


    There are two very famous monuments in Australia:

    - The Great Barrier Reef: it's the biggest reef in the world. But it is endangered because of pollution and climate change.

    - Uluru: it is not a mountain. It's the biggest rock in the world.


    In Australia, there are many names from the British colony. For example, “New South Wales” or “Queensland”. Today, it's not a colony but a democracy. Queen Elizabeth II (the second) is the monarch.


    Sydney is not the capital city. It's the largest city. (Canberra is the capital).



    - savoir présenter l'Australie (comme un guide touristique)

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  • Tuesday, April 3rd (the third)


    Ben's qualities / skills


    1- Ben is adventurous because he has done* many dangerous activities. For example, he has already fed* a baby lion or he has kissed a cheetah.


    2- He is sociable because he loves traveling. He likes meeting people and discovering new cultures.


    3- He is a great communicator because he has already written* a blog and newspaper articles. He has also given* radio and TV interviews.



    - savoir parler de la personnalité de Ben, de ses expériences et compétences.

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  • Thursday, March 29th


    Questions about your experience



    Have you ever…. + p. passé

    Have you ever scuba-dived?

    Have you ever climbed mountains?

    Have you ever written* a newspaper article?



    + = I have already … + p. passé

    → I have already scuba-dived

    once / twice / three times… / some times / many times


    - = I have never … + p. passé

    → I have never climbed mountains.



    - préparer 5 questions sur les expériences en tant que guide et savoir y répondre en développant sa réponse si possible.

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  • Tuesday, March 27th


    Definition of "Tourism"

    Tourism is an activity when people don't work and they travel to foreign destinations (countries or cities) or you just go outside of your home.

    For example, you can go to Japan.

    You have fun and you create memories.

    When you are a tourist, you have fun and discover new things (culture, monuments, museums, food specialties...). For example, you can eat pizza in Italy.

    You can take pictures and buy souvenirs to keep memories.


    Moreover you can meet new people and make new friends


    Ben's biography


    In this document Ben presents who he is and what he has done.

    He is a guide. He presents his blog to show his activities.


    1- He is an energetic blogger. He is sporty and very chatty.

    2- He loves discovering new places and traveling. He loves meeting people and …. animals.


    3- He has done many activities. For example, he has bungee-jumped or run a marathon. 



    - savoir présenter Ben (sa personnalité, ses goûts, ses expériences). 

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