Monday, October 15th



    The brave / courageous Aaron



    Aaron didn’t cry. He never shed* a tear and he never said* “ouch”.


    He closed his eyes and he cut* his hand.


    In his interview he said* he wasn’t* a superhero, he just imagined his


    family again to survive.



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    Wednesday, October 10th



    Pessimistic or optimistic?



    At first, Aaron felt* pessimistic because he thought* he was gonna


    die and he was not free.



    He thought* the desert was gonna be his grave.



    He believed nobody was gonna find him.



    He guessed he was gonna stop fighting at first.



    But at the end, he felt* optimistic and he didn’t give up.



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    Monday, October 8th



    Aaron’s interview: his feelings



    He felt* hurt and horrible. He wasn’t free. He was* trapped because


    a rock / a boulder crushed his hand.



    He was* sad and lonely because he thought* nobody was gonna find





    At first he felt* he was gonna die but soon after he believed he





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    Tuesday, October 2nd



    More ideas about survival



    You should make a fire because it’s freezing at


    night and the animals are scared. You can boil your


    water and eliminate bacteria.



    You shouldn’t get hurt because you can’t resist a


    long time.


    You shouldn’t hide because animals can smell you.


    You should shout for help and rescue.



    You should believe you can! You should be


    courageous, confident, and optimistic.


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