• Hello everyone!


    Today, you worked in groups on the analysis of the painting.



    For wednesday 13/12: rendre une feuille de travail par groupe.

    For Monday 08/01: Rendre la recherche internet (feuille double ou sur la photocopie, pas de copié-collé, ,il faut reformuler ou résumer les idées!) N'hésitez pas à chercher sur d'autres sites si nécessaire. 

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  • Hello everyone,

    On Friday, we wrote the lesson (5 differences) in your copybooks.

    Friday, December 1st (the first)


    Recap the five differences between the two extracts



    • In extract 1, the crowd is just behind the marshalls and Ruby Bridges whereas in extract number 2, they are behind the fences/white barriers.


    • In the first extract, Ruby Bridges goes to school with her mum (she holds her hand) whereas in the second extract, she is alone with the federal policemen.


    • In the first extract, she has(=wears) a pink dress whereas in the second extract she is in white only (white dress, white ribbon, white socks and shoes, symbols of peace).


    • In the first extract, there is nothing on the school entrance whereas in the second extract, there are graffiti (racist insult: «nigger» and « KKK »:the name  a white supremacist and very racist group) and a smashed tomato.



    Homework for Monday: learn the 5 differences.


    Today, we analysed the painting: The problem we all live with.

    Paige presented Norman Rockwell and his work to you, (you can use it for your oral if you want...)


    For next lesson (Thursday 7/12: revoir la leçon)

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  • Hello everyone!


    Today, we watched 2 extracts of a film about Ruby Bridges. Then we compared the two situations. here is what you said:


    In the first extract Ruby looks scared whereas in the second extract she looks determined. 



    Revoir les différences entre les deux vidéos pour en reparler demain. 

    Reprendre les lois Jim Crow sur la fiche (dernier exercice, voir site web proposé )

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  • Hello everybody!


    Today, we correctd your oral comprehension test.


    Then Paige told you more about the Jim Crow laws.


    For Thursday 20/11: 

    -write 5 sentences with "couldn't" et "had to" in schools, the army, train station, hotels, buses.

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  • Hello everybody!

    Today, we started our new chapter abour african-American history. here is the lesson:


    Thursday, November 16th




    SEQUENCE 2 : African-American History




    Friday, November 17th 2017


    The video




    Objectif: comprendre une partie de l'histoire des Etats-Unis, parler de ce qui s'est passé, ce qui était possible ou interdit pour les minorités, décrire une œuvre d'art et comprendre un mouvement artistique.




    Lesson one: the video




    -In the first extract, there is a big crowd. They are angry/ revolted, everybody is demonstrating in the street in front of a big building.


    We can see many journalists : they are taking photos/pictures. There are many policemen (they have badges on their arms). The action takes place in the USA.




    In the second extract, we can identify the building as a school : there are classrooms full of desks and chairs, there are teachers too.


    The parents are coming to take their children out of the school.




    We know that the situation takes place in the 1960s because it was the end of segregation in the United States.




    Grammar point :


    -Obligation au passé : had to +BV


    -INTERDICTION/IMPOSSIBILITE au passé : couldn't +BV




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