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  • hello everybody!


    Today, paige introduced herself to you... thank you for all the different questions you were able to ask!

    Then, you had an activity on halloween, well done for memorising all the vocabulary!

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  • Hello!

    Here is today's lesson:

    The man seems to be a weirdo (=a scary and bizarre person) because he wears a nazi uniform or sometimes a dog costume.

    He also does tricks with eggs when he goes to events with his mum, it's

    probably the reason why she hates/rejects him.


    He is obsessed with celebrities and he finds people's addresses to visit

    them. Maybe he wants to rob, kidnap, torture, rape or kill his victims.



    You can listen to the song here:


    For Monday 16/10: 

    -Faire 5 phrases pour décrire l'homme de la chanson (imaginez à quoi il pourrait ressembler)

    -Faire 5 phrases pour lui donner des conseils (utiliser SHOULD+ BASE VERBALE. )


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  • Hello everyone!


    Today we continued working on "add me".  Here is your lesson:


    Tuesday, October 10th (the tenth)


    Add me : imagine the narrator's portrait



    The man never leaves his bedroom / stays in his room all day in a dog costume and spies on his neighbours behind his curtains. He is probably an perv and a voyeur. He harrasses people on social media with weird pictures of celebrities' bodies and different heads. He insists a lot, he's very stubborn. (He probably spams people's mail boxes). 



    For Thursday: revoir la leçon et les verbes irréguliers (Test)

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  • Friday, October 6th (the sixth) 2017


    The song


    Feelings about the music :

    - It's dark and gloomy. It's scary. It's depressing .


    -Some people think it's relaxing, positive and joyful.


    The lyrics :

    -His mother rejects him because :

    • He may have killed someone /maybe he killed someone

    • He may have hurt her feelings.

    • Maybe she didn't want him in the beginning.


    His personality :


    • He is not independant, he still lives with his mum.

    • He is very childish (=immature).

    • He is probably a psychopath because he loves guns and he posts nude (=naked) photos on the web. He is probably an exhibitionist too. 

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