• Hello everyone!


    Today we continued working on India and you focussed on how to ask questions.


    For Friday 9/02: revoir la fiche de grammaire

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  • Hello evryone!


    Today, you explained to Paige what you know about the dabbawalas service in Mumbai.

    She thought you were very impressive!


    This is what you added today:



    Monday, February 5th (the fiftrh) 2018




    How does the service work ?




    To join the association, the employees need to bring a long wooden crate, two bicycles and twenty rupees (=the Indian currency) to pay for the uniform.




    The sercice has developped (they deliver 400 000 meals everyday) so they need new technologies (you can text/sms them or log on to their website if you want to order a delivery.)



    For Thursday 5/02: rapporter le poster, revoir

    la leçon du jour...





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  • Hello everybody!


    Here is today's lesson:



    Friday, February 2nd (the second) 2018




    The dabbawala service




    The dabbawalas deliver 200 000 meals every day. There are about 5000 employees who are illiterate (= they can't read or write) and don't use any technology. However, the service is very accurate, they only make one mistake/error in a million thanks to a code (colour + number).




    The dabbawalas service started 128 years ago, in 1890 and they only use bicycles, local trains and hand-drawn carts.



    For Monday 05/02: réviser la leçon.


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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, we started the new sequence. Here is the llesson:



    Thursday, February 1st (the first)




    Tâche intermédiaire : réaliser et jouer à « Who wants to be a millionnaire »


    Tâche finale : Faire un exposé basé sur un diaporama sur un thème donné.


    Objectifs culturels : l'histoire et la culture Indienne


    Objectifs grammaticaux : savoir poser des questions, revoir le présent simple.

    Séance 1 : What is a dabbawala ?


    Dabba and dabbawala are Hindi words.

    • A dabba is a metal box/tiffin box which contains hot food and drinks.

    • A dabbawala is the person who transports the box.


    This system is located in Mumbai (the biggest/largest city in India), with a dense population.




    For Friday 2/02: Revoir la leçon, revoir la vidéo.



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  • Hello everyone,


    Today we explained the final task about sequence.


    For Thursday 08/02: Rendre son poster!


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