• Tuesday, December 04th

    Interpretation (3)


    I think the author wanted to provoke people with his painting.

    For him, everybody can be racist.

    The title is “The Problem We All Live With”. Everybody is responsible.

    To protect Ruby, the canvas is the symbolic barrier.

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  • Wednesday, November 28th

    Interpretation (2)

    The tomato:

    The tomato may represent an eagle, the symbol of the United States. It hit the wall and made a splash of blood.

    It can represent the blood of black people during slavery and the end of a racist world.


    The hands of Ruby:

    They are in the same position as the policemen’s. They are closed. She looks like she is going to a fight.


    The attitude of Ruby:

    She is determined. She is looking in front of her. She looks like she is going to war. But maybe she doesn’t understand the demonstration because she is a little girl.


    The white colour:

    White may represent peace, hope and purity. There is a contrast between the colour of her clothes against her black skin. She can be a symbol for the opposition between black and white laws.

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  • Tuesday, November 27th


    Interpretation of the painting


    The school things:

    Ruby has 2 copybooks in her hand, one brown book and one blue with white stars.

    She has a ruler and two pens.

    I think the ruler is for the new rules of desegregation. She has the power to change the future in her hands. She has the power to write the new rules a UNiTED country.


    The crack in the wall:

    There is a crack in the wall separating the racist slur “nigger”.

    I believe it shows the change of mentalities. It’s the end of racism.


    The pavement:

    The pavement may symbolize a timeline for Afro-Americans: the past (slavery), the present (segregation and desegregation), the future (a new better world).

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  • Monday, November 26th


    The painting by Norman Rockwell


    It’s a hyper-realistic painting because there are many details.


    There is Ruby in the middle.

    She has school things in her hands.

    She is escorted by 4 policemen, two marshals on the left and two on the right. They have yellow armbands, a badge, and a passport for Ruby.

    On the wall, behind Ruby, there is a racist slur (“nigger”), the name of a racist cult (KKK) and a tomato. Someone has just targeted her.

    There is also a crack in the wall. It is a little destroyed.

    There are 3 parts in the pavement.


    Things not present:

    - the mother

    - placards / demonstrators

    - the school

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  • Wednesday, November 21st


    The 2nd day of school


    The demonstration was* more violent because:


    - the demonstration was blocked but the demonstrators threw* a tomato at Ruby. They targeted her.

    - there were* more people.

    - there was* the name of a racist cult (the KKK) and a racist slur on the wall.


    Ruby was* proud and courageous. She looked at the school but she didn’t look at the demonstration. She looked confident, she didn’t look scared.

    She was wearing only white clothes (a white ribbon, a white dress). Maybe it was* because the demonstrators had* placards with “Only white” and she protested silently.


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