• Hello everyone! Today, we played battleship game! Then, we listened to Peter and Dory, here is the lesson: Friday, December 15th (the fifteenth) 2017 In class ! Peter is in a maths lesson. He has got a calculator but he hasn't got a book. Dory is in an art lesson. She has got felt pens and a gluestick but she hasn't got scissors. A felt pen → felt pens a book → books. a=one → singulier 0 → pluriel
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  • Hello everyone!


    Today, we disovered new vocabulary about school things. You said everything you have in your pencil case!

    Then you wrote the words in your WB (page 20)


    Apprendre  le vocabulaire par coeur (fichier audio sur pronotes) pour vendredi 15/12

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  • Tuesday, December 12th (the twelfth) 2017


    UNIT 2: Good morning class!



    • Comprendre l'école en Grande Bretagne

    • parler des règles de l'école.


    Tâche finale : Créer un message de bienvenue pour les futurs élèves de sixième.


    1. The picture (book pages 34-35)


    -I can see boys and girls/children.

    - I can see instruments/ trumpets.

    -They are in a school, in a music class.

    -They are in uniforms. It is red, white and blue.


    -They are 11 (or 12 )years old.



    Homework for 14/12: Réécouter la chanson.

    Apprendre la leçon. 

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  • Hello everyone!


    Today (and last Friday) , we continued our final task 'the funny portrait gallery'



    No homework for Tuesday. 

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