• Wednesday, December 6th


    The actions in the painting


    Ruby and the marshals are walking in the same way.

    She is carrying school things.

    She's just going to school.

    But she is doing something important.


    The conditions of Ruby going to school was very difficult. It was like going to war because the demonstrators were furious: they spat* at her, they insulted her, and they threw* tomatoes at her.

    She had to be determined, brave, and courageous.

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  • Monday, December 04th


    A new story for Ruby


    I can see 4 marshals are protecting a little girl. She is the only person in the middle of the picture. She is wearing a white dress. She has her hands in the same positions as the marshals.


    I think she is determined to change her life and to write the new law, a new page in history and in her life.

    Maybe she feels afraid but she doesn't look scared. On the contrary, she is brave and courageous.

    She was the 1st Afro-American girl to go to an integrated school.



    - savoir décrire et commenter le tableau de Norman Rockwell.

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  • Differences with the 1st extract


    In this extract, there is a demonstration but it's more organised and more violent.

    The demonstrators threw* a tomato at Ruby.
    A woman spat* at her and said*: “I want you to die”.

    Someone wrote* a racist insult on the wall (Nigger) and the name of a racist organisation (K.K.K.).

    Ruby was* alone (not with her mother) but she was* determined.


    Homework: Mercredi 29.11 → savoir parler de la manifestation.

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  • Thursday, November 23rd


    The first black child to go to an integrated school



    In the video, I can see a little girl. She is going to school.

    The girl and her mom are with U.S. marshals.

    The demonstrators in front of the school have placards to protest for segregation.

    Two policemen stop Ruby. They say: “you can't enter”.

    But the U.S. marshals have more importance and Ruby can finally enter.



    dress / jacket / lunch box / school bag

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