• Monday, June 11th

    Vincent: dubbing

    Picture 1 and 2:

    Narrator: The babysitter pets him on his head.

    Vincent Malloy: Hi, how are you today Charlotte? I'm very hungry. Can I have some chips?

    Vincent Price: Why are you touching me? You can't cook! So, I'm doing it!

    Vincent Price: I will kill you! See you in Hell! Ahahaha….!

    Vincent Malloy: No! Why are you doing this! I'm not a monster!

    Narrator: Vincent is possessed. He is not himself any more.


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  • Thursday, June 7th


    Black and White: a symbol for two personalities


    This film is not about Vincent. It's a metaphor for life.

    The movie is in black and white to show the evolution of Vincent from childhood to adulthood.


    Teenagehood is symbolized in the movie by:


    - he wants to take his distance with his parents. In the film, he kills his mother or babysitter.

    - he changes his physical appearance. He has many hormones in his body.

    - he smokes. He pretends he is an adult.

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  • Monday, June 4th

    The job interview


    The document is an extract from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”.

    In this extract, you can see Andrea, the main character of the movie.

    She lives in NYC and she wants to be a journalist.

    At the beginning, we see her morning routine:

    - she brushes her teeth, she wears casual clothes, she walks and takes the subway and she eats an onion bagel.


    In this extract, Andrea has a job interview with the assistant of Miranda, the boss of a fashion magazine.

    But finally, she sees the boss in person. The boss is very strict, impolite, talkative, and impatient.


    Andrea speaks about herself, her experiences, and her qualities.

    She is not adapted for this job.

    She is not stylish, fashionable, glamorous, or skinny.


    Nevertheless she has many qualities: she is smart, she learns fast, she works very hard and she is polite.


    She has participated in a competition of journalists and she has won*.

    She has studied at university.

    She has been* editor in chief.


    However, her experiences don't match the job description.

    Maybe she will not be hired.

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  • Wednesday, May 30th

    Questions of an interview


    1- Are you ….?

    2- Can you talk a little bit about yourself?

    3- What can you do? Why did you choose this job?

    4- What are your experiences?

    5- Have you ever worked…..?

    6- Can you work for … ? Would that be ok?

    7- Would you be ready to start……?



    Possible qualities:

    smart / polite / confident (not shy)

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  • Friday, May 18th (the eighteenth)


    The job pays!


    His father is proud of Chris because he has worked hard to have money.

    Chris is disappointed because he has half the money.

    But he is excited because he has $25.


    at the end, his father and he have bonded.



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