Monday, October 15th (the fifteenth)




    Add me- the last part




    In the 4th stanza, we discover that he has certain beauty standards. He is scary and obsessive and he is also stubborn (=he insists a lot).




    In the 5th stanza, he talks about a nazi uniform! He must be anti-semite and a fan of Hitler, he may also be racist…


    He behaves like a clown because he does (magic) tricks with eggs.




    We think he has fake/imaginary friends (B. Spears, P. Hilton or T. Cruise). Maybe he’s a hacker because he can find people’s adresses. We could/would report him to the police station because he makes us feel insecure/uncomfortable and a little paranoid : He could be anywhere around us!


    He is creepy and scary, maybe he’s monitoring people’s houses.






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  • Hello everyone,

    This is todays' lesson:


    Friday, October 12th


    Add me -the end


    vocabulary :
















    a liar=


    fake people=




    For Monday 15/10 : recopier et traduire le vocabulaire, écrire 4-5 phrases sur la fin de la chanson.




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  • Monday, October 8th (the eighth)

    Imagine the man's physical description

    I think he is old and very fat/obese.

    He must look very disgusting; he probably has long, grey, greasy hair.



    For Tuesday: 9/10: Ecrire 5 conseils should/5 avec shouldn't.

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  • Here is today's lesson



    Friday, October 5th (the fifth)


    The man’s life


    The man is always in his bedroom. He spies on his neighbours or people in the street/ he peeps through his curtains, probably with binoculars.


    He is an ex- alcoholic and he wears a dog costume!


    He must be schizophrenic and paranoid because he hears voices in his head.


    He must be dangerous because he insists a lot, he harrasses people. He is stubborn… and he gives me the creeps (= he is creepy!).




    To spy on = espionner quelqu’un


    To peep through= épier (à travers)


    the curtains= les rideaux


    paranoid= paranoïaque


    binoculars= des jumelles


    to harrass= harceler


    stubborn= têtu(e)


    he gives me the creeps= il me donne des frissons.


    He’s a couch potato= c’est un flemmard/ quelqu'un qui passe tout son temps sur un canapé.



    For Monday 8/10: vocabulaire par coeur. Leçon du jour à apprendre.















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