• Thursday, February 1st


    Questions about the dabbawallas


    1- How many dabbawallas are there?

    2- What is their new communication?

    3- Where was the president invited?

    4- How many lunchboxes are delivered everyday?

    5- What diploma do they have?


    Homework: TEST

    - savoir créer une question et répondre aux questions de la leçon.

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  • Friday, January 26th


    Impressive delivery men


    They are impressive because in one million deliveries there is only 1 problem.

    They don't use gas for the car. They use bicycles, trains, and carts.

    They don't have technology. For example, they don't have GPS.

    They are illiterate; they can't read or write. So, they find the correct address and the correct customer with a code.

    Mumbai is the biggest city in India and they must be organised.



    Why are the delivery men impressive?

    What transport do they use?

    Where do they deliver the boxes?

    How many problems do they have?

    How do they find the correct customer?

    What is Mumbai?

    What is the biggest city in India?



    - savoir poser au moins 5 questions sur les dabbawallas et savoir y répondre.

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    Wednesday, January 24th


     The best delivery service in India


    Everyday, 200 000 (two hundred thousand) clients get their lunch.


    The dabbawallas deliver the lunches from home to school or to work.


    It is the best service in India. It is the most efficient service. It is the highest quality in India → so, Prince Charles has visited the business because it is very important for life in Mumbai.






    customer = client


    Hindi = the language in India


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  • Monday, January 22nd


    Indian delivery service


    In India, there are delivery men. They deliver food from home to school or to work.

    They have a bucket, a box of food for lunch.

    The box has a code or number to identify the correct client and the right address.

    They deliver the boxes on their bikes and they wear a white uniform (a white suit and a white cap).

    The name of the service in Hindi is “dabba”.



    lunch / midday

    deliver / carry


    delivery men

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  • Wednesday, December 6th


    The actions in the painting


    Ruby and the marshals are walking in the same way.

    She is carrying school things.

    She's just going to school.

    But she is doing something important.


    The conditions of Ruby going to school was very difficult. It was like going to war because the demonstrators were furious: they spat* at her, they insulted her, and they threw* tomatoes at her.

    She had to be determined, brave, and courageous.

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