• Monday, April 23rd (the twenty-third)


    Coca-cola ad / commercial


    I like this commercial because it's a good idea, it connects people with their families but I don't like the intention.

    They just want to make money.


    The dangers of social media in the ad:

    - You can lose your social life because you are on your phone all the time and not with your friends.

    - You can't see your surroundings. For example you can fall.

    - You can be addicted and lose your family life. It separates you from your friends.



    - pensez au recap à faire sur les réseaux sociaux = savoir parler des dangers d'internet.

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  • Thursday, March 29th


    A real friend - part 2


    To be a real friend, it's very important to share the same ideas.

    It's important to have the same hobbies but it's not very important to be the same age.


    Personality of the singer


    He is hypocritical because he doesn't like anybody but he pretends. He may have a fake smile.

    He is a stalker he forces people to add him on social media. He follows them on the internet and in real life.

    He is dangerous because he loves Hitler. He is a Nazi. Maybe his father was a Nazi soldier.

    He is hateful because he doesn't like anybody.

    He is a liar. He lives in his world / dreams. He pretends celebrities are his friends.



    - Savoir parler de la personnalité du chanteur.

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  • Wednesday, March 28th


    A real friend


    A real friend is a person with good intentions.

    It is a person that you see / meet / know / talk to... in real life.

    They can help you if you are in a dangerous situation.

    A real friend is not a person you know only on social media.



    - savoir dire ce qu'est un.e "real friend" en anglais.

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    Monday, March 26th


    Physical and mental portrait


    The singer is a whiner because he has the personality of a child.


    He is a psychopath because he has a fetish for guns.


    He is schizophrenic: he has many voices in his head.


    He is a perv: he sends nude pictures on his profile and he observes

    people behind his curtains.


    He is sick. He is crazy because he wakes up and he wears a dog





    He drinks alcohol all the time so he is probably fat and he has a big



    I think he looks like Homer Simpson with glasses.



    He has long hair because he doesn't get out to the hairdresser's.


    His teeth are yellow because he doesn't brush them.


    Maybe he has spots on his face because he is a geek.


    I believe he doesn't have a beard or a mustache because he is


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  • Friday, March 23rd


    The personality of the singer

    The singer is always angry.
    He is a loner : he is always alone. He doesn't have friends. He stays in his house behind the computer. He waits for friends on social media.
    He's crazy: he sends nude pictures on his profile / on his account.
    He's a psychopath because he sends letter bombs to people.
    He's hateful: he doesn't like anybody.


    - savoir donner au moins 5 raisons pour le rejet de la mère enver son enfant.



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