• Hello,

    Today, we finished studying the rules at Charlton.

    You did a very good job !

    Food and Drinks at Charlton

    At Charlton, they can drink water during lesson time.

    They mustn’t bring fizzy drinks or cans.

    Parents must give packed lunches to their children, because there is no canteen.

    PE lessons

    When they don’t participate, they must bring their PE kit.

    They mustn’t wear trainers when they don’t have PE lessons.

    They can wear trainers only for medical reasons.

    They mustn’t use spray deodorants but they can use roll-on deodorants.

    They must bring a towel for showering.

    Homework for Monday, November 5th:

    - Finir de surligner la leçon

    - être capable de parler du règlement entier de Charlton.

    Test sur toute la sequence 2 Jeudi 8

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  • Hello,

    Today, you had a test about rules in class.

    Then, you continued to discover the rules at Charlton.

    Homework for Thursday 18th:

    - revoir les deux leçons sur Charlton et connaître tous le nouveau vocabulaire.

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    Today, you discovered other rules about the uniform at Charlton.

    Rules about the uniform

    At Charlton, they must wear a tie with the House colours: blue, green, yellow, purple or red, with stripes.

    In Food Technology and in workshops, they must wear an apron.

    At Charlton, when it’s very cold, they can wear a scarf with the House colours.

    And they must wear a black or blue coat.

    The coat mustn’t be leather or denim.

    They must wear a navy sweatshirt or a brown pullover with the School crest (= emblem).

    Homework for Wednesday 17th:

    - test sur les Rules at school

    - apprendre la leçon sur l’uniforme à Charlton.

    - finir de souligner leçon.



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  •  Hello,

    Today, you discovered the very strict rules at Charlton school!

    Uniform rules at Charlton

    This document is about the uniform rules in a British school.

    At Charlton, students must wear a uniform and rules are very strict.


    Students must wear school jumpers with the school emblem. It’s a lion.

    They mustn’t wear zip-up jackets or hoodies.

    They must wear a tie and a blue shirt.


    They must wear large black trousers.

    Girls can also wear black skirts.

    They mustn’t wear skinny or tight trousers.

    They must wear leather or canvas black shoes.

    They mustn’t wear trainers.


    Homework for Monday 15th:

    - être capable de parler des règles à Charlton.


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  • Hello,

    Today, you played a team game about the rules at school. You did a very good job !

    Homework for Thursday 11th:

    - connaître 3 obligations, 3 interdictions et 3 possibilités de la fiche.

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