• 01: The Once-Ler discovered a forest of real trees. There were* moutains everywhere in the background and there was* a river in the middle.

    02: He found* paradise and he was* very moved. So he cried.

    03: The fish sang* and they were* very cheerful and happy.




    - connaître les 1ers sous-titres + connaître son tableau de verbes par cœur.

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  • Wednesday, June 13th

    The Paradise


    The document is from an animated movie. It is the story of the real trees.

    It was a long time ago!

    One day when he was* young, the Once-Ler found* paradise.

    In this paradise, there were* real trees everywhere.

    The real trees had* many colors. They were* colorful. They looked like candy.

    There were* many mountains in the background.

    There was* a river and a little lake in the center.

    Before the Once-Ler was* cheerful whereas now, he is grumpy.

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  • Thursday, June 7th

    Similarities and differences in the movie / book



    Unlike in the book, Ted doesn't knock at the door of the Once-Ler. He rings the bell.

    Contrary to in the book, the snail is not very important. Ted doesn't toss in the proper amount in the pail.



    Like in the book, the world of the Once-Ler is terrifying, horrible, dark and scary because the grass never grows. The winds blows and the crows sing.


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  • Correction of an exercise:

    * The mother is young  the grand-ma is old.

    * Contrary to the mother, the granny is little.

    * The mother has big curly brown hair while the grand-mother has big curly white hair.

    * Unlike the mother, the grand-mother


    Monday, June 4th

    The price of the Once-Ler


    The text is an extract from the book of the Lorax.

    The text is about the Once-Ler. If you pay, he will perhaps tell you the story of the Lorax.

    Ted will go to the tower at midnight and he will not knock at the door.

    He will toss in the pail the proper amount and the Once-Ler will make a careful count.

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  • Thursday, May 31st

    The Once-Ler


    The Once-Ler is a character. He lives in a tower.

    I can only see his eyes and his gloves. He is very mysterious.


    He knows what happened to real trees. To have the story, you must pay 15 (fifteen) cents, a nail, and the shell of a great-great-great-grand-father snail.

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