• The name of the candidate is Malaki.
    He is nine years old.
    He is from London / He lives in London.
    He is with his mom.
    He sings "Listen" by Beyoncé.
    I think he can sing extremely well.




    - apprendre la leçon = savoir présenter Malaki.

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  • There is a big light at the top.
    There are 4 jury members in the center, at the bottom.
    There is a candidate on the left.
    There are many spectators at the top.
    There are many small lights everywhere.

    Britain's Got Talent : description of the stage


    extremely well
    very well
    quite well
    a little

    not ..... very well
    not ..... at all



    - savoir décrire l'image en entier.

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  • It's the music of Britain's Got Talent and it's the logo. 

    (Britain has got talent)

    There are many stars and there is one big star. 
    There is a flag. 
    There is one winner; you can become a star. 

    Sequence #2 - Britain's Got Talent




    - revoir la leçon (non écrite dans les cahiers pour le moment). 

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  • You must write your name on your clothes.
    You must use roll-on deodorant. You mustn't use a spray.

    Vocabulary Exercice - Clothes and Uniforms



    - évaluation sur toute la séquence 1 depuis le début de l'année.

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  • Wednesday, October 4th (the fourth)

    Rules at Charlton School (4)

    You can wear trainers for medical reasons.
    You can drink water during lesson time.

    You mustn't drink fizzy drinks in school.
    You mustn't wear trainers at any time.
    You mustn't take aerosol cans in school.

    Parents must give lunches to the children.
    You must wear a uniform in P.E. when you don't participate.



    - recopier la leçon dans le cahier d'anglais.
    - apprendre la leçon d'anglais par CŒUR.

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