• Thursday, December 7th


    The passion and personality of Olivia



    Her name is Olivia. She is 7 years old. She is a school girl.

    She is very little and very young.

    She is with her parents (her mum and her dad).

    She can say a poem. She can create poetry.


    She loves poetry and wild animals.

    In the future, Olivia will be a zoologist.

    She is worried about wild animals because in the future, maybe, they will die.



    I think… / I believe… / I guess…

    She is very cheerful and easy-going. She is quite talkative.

    She is not nervous and she is not easily-scared.

    The jury thinks she is lovely and cute.



    - savoir parler du talent d'Olivia (sa présentation et sa personnalité)

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  • Monday, December 04th


    Personality of Asanda


    Asanda doesn't do her homework. She is lazy. She is not hard-working at all. She prefers singing.


    I think she is funny. She thinks she is a diva / a queen.

    She is proud of herself.



    - savoir parler de sa personnalité et de celle de Asanda.

    Personality of Asanda (2)

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  • Friday, December 1st


    The personality of Asanda


    Asanda is 11 years old.

    She is with her parents backstage.

    I think she will sing a song by Beyoncé.


    The jury and the presenters think Asanda is very cute and lovely.

    In the class, we think she is very talkative and extremely cheerful.

    But she is not shy or nervous.



    Monday 04.12.2017: savoir présenter Asanda + savoir parler de sa personnalité.

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  • Personality


    Questions: What are you like? What is [name] like?


    Degrees of personality:

    not / a little / quite / very / extremely


    Adjectives of personality:

    talkative / lazy / easily-scared

    outgoing / easy-going


    - connaître la question pour la personnalité
    - sur feuille, rendre 5 phrases pour parler de sa personnalité.

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  • The opinions and the emotions of the characters

    His mum comes onto the stage and she hugs him.

    The spectators are moved, they clap and do a standing ovation.

    Malaki is very proud. He is very brave!

    The jury thinks he's very cute and loves his show.


    The four jury members say yes:

    - “A million per cent yes!”

    - “A hundred per cent yes for me!”

    - “It's a really special audition.”

    - “You are a star. You have natural talent”

    - “You're a total star!”

    - “You have four yeses!”


    Homework for Thursday 23rd:

    TEST de leçon sur Malaki : être capable de faire des suppositions (opinion + futur), dire ce qu'il se passe dans la réalité, vocabulaire et localisateurs.

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