• Monday, April 23rd (the twenty-third)


    What the customers order


    The man would like tomato soup for starter.
    He prefers chicken curry for main course.

    He wants apple crumble for dessert.

    He orders coffee and a bottle of sparkling water.


    The woman would like salad for starter.

    She prefers fish with peas and potatoes for entree.

    She wants home-made ice-cream for dessert.

    She orders coffee and a glass of red wine.



    - apprendre par cœur les commandes des clients au restaurant.

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  • Friday, April 6th

    The classy restaurant


    The restaurant is not Italian because I can't hear Italian specialties but it is chic and fancy.

    The waiter has a chic vocabulary and he is very polite.

    He is wearing a tie, an apron, and a white shirt.

    The customers are very fancy too. They are wearing a beautiful dress and a chic suit.

    The table has a cloth, forks, knives, spoons and wine glasses.


    They order tomato soup, salad and fish, red wine and coffee.

    I think it's a British menu. Maybe it's expensive.



    - savoir présenter le restaurant chic.

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  • Thursday, April 5th

    Imagine: What will the customer do?


    I think he will be more angry and he will go out.

    I guess he will change his mind and he will order lunch.

    I suppose he will take a gun and he will shoot at the manager!

    He will threaten the manager

    He will shout at everybody.

    In reality…

    The customer takes a gun and he threatens everybody in the restaurant. He kidnaps everybody and asks: “Can I have my breakfast?”

    The manager is very scared.

    The customer changes his mind. He wants a lunch menu.

    He would like a double cheese burger with a little Whamfries and a chocolate milkshake.

    He is disappointed with his burger because in the poster the burger is big, juicy and yummy. But in reality, it is squashed and disgusting.



    - savoir parler de la scène au restaurant.
    - savoir improviser une scène en s'aidant de tous les documents étudiés. 

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    Monday, March 26th



    Breakfast time is over



    The scene is in a restaurant.


    There are 3 characters.



    1- The customer:


    He is hungry but he is angry because he wants breakfast but they


    start to give lunch in the restaurant.


    He is fed up so he wants to talk with the manager.



    2- The waitress:


    She is cheerful and polite but she doesn't care.



    3- The manager:


    He is acting cheerful. He has a big fake smile.



    The customer is just 3 minutes late for breakfast!






    - Savoir parler de la réaction des personnages.


    - Savoir improviser une scène au restaurant.

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  • Hi guys,

    today you had to improvise some scenes at the restaurant and you learned new sentences for this scene.

    Waiter/Waitress: Hi, welcome to route 66 diner. Can I help you?

    Customer: Yes, I'm really hungry. I'd like a hot dog, please.

    Waiter/Waitress: What sort of hot dog would you like, a plain dog or a cheese dog?

    Customer: A plain hot dog, thank you.

    Waiter/Waitress: Something else?

    Customer: Yes, please. I'd like 3 slices of bacon and a side of fries. And I would like to drink diet cola.

    Waiter/Waitress: You know, you have free refill. You pay once and you can drink again for free.
    Here you are.

    Customer: How much is it?

    Waiter/Waitress: It's 50 (fifty) dollars.

    Customer: Oh my God! It's very expensive. I'm paying but you will not have your tip...

    Waiter/Waitress: But you must pay the tip!

    Customer: Okay, fine, here is your tip.



    - savoir improviser une scène au restaurant en utilisant le vocabulaire vu en cours et en connaissant parfaitement les ingrédients du menu.


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