• Hey guys,


    today we finished working on your "Classroom English" lesson.

    Here is what we said:

                   Classroom English

    Asking for a service = Can / Could you ... ?

          Ex: Could you close the blinds please?

    Asking for permission = May I ... ?

          Ex: May I go to the bathroom please?

    Expressing a problem = n't

          Ex: I don't understand --- I didn't hear --- I can't see the board.


    NB: n't -> est la contraction de "not" (on supprime le "o" et on le remplace par une apostrophe).


    Extra Document (thanks to I. Boresy for her work): 

    Download « Classroom English 5e.pdf »



    - apprendre et reporter le nouveau vocabulaire dans son carnet.

    - Connaître par coeur la leçon.

    - Savoir exprimer n'importe quel besoin en anglais pour le cours d'anglais.

    - N'oubliez pas que vous pouvez faire des jeux de révisions pour le vocabulaire dans la partie "Jeux" (à droite).

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  • Hi guys! 

    I'm glad to be your English teacher this year and I hope we'll acheive wonderful things this year.

    Today, after introducing ourselves very briefly and setting up your notebooks, we did a quick recap of what should know to speak English only in the classroom ("Classroom English").

    You tried to remember (and you've done very well so far) what you could say in some situations:

    Download « My-classroom-English-bookmark---6eme-5eme.pdf »



    I don't understand. Can you repeat, please?                            I've forgotten my books. Can I go to my locker?

    I can't see the board. Can you step aside?                               I've forgotten my pencil case. Can someone
                                                                                                      give me a pen?

    I can't hear. Can you speak up?                                                 Atishoo! Can someone give me a tissue?

    I didn't hear. Can you replay?                                                    Can you switch on the lights please?

    I'm very hot. Can you open the windows                                   I have a stomach ache. Can I go see the
    and shut the blinds?                                                                   nurse?

    I'm cold. Can I put on my coat please?                                       I'm thirsty. Can I go to the bathroom?




    - lire, signer, et faire signer le contrat de classe (page 2)

    - faire signer l'autorisation de droit à l'image et la rapporter

    - compléter la page de garde du cahier

    - Apprendre (mais vous les connaissez déjà, non?) les phrases sur le "Classroom English Bookmark" complétées ensemble aujourd'hui.

    Vous pouvez vous entraîner avec les jeux de vocabulaire dans la partie "Jeux" du blog à droite ou ci-dessous. Cela vous permettra de réviser plus rapidement!

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