Tuesday, October 8th



    Rules at Charlton school 



    Top uniform:



    At Charlton, they must wear a jacket with the


    school emblem but they mustn’t wear a jacket with


    a brand or hoodies and zip-up jackets. They must


    wear a shirt and a tie, so it’s very elegant.



    Bottom uniform:



    Boys must wear trousers. Girls can wear trousers or


    skirts but they mustn’t wear skinny trousers.






    They must wear black shoes. They mustn’t wear


    trainers. They can wear canvas or leather shoes.

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  • Tuesday, October 1st (the first)



    Rules in class












    You must write the date in your copybooks.



    You must speak English.



    You must line up in the corridors and in the











    You mustn’t eat candy.



    You mustn’t listen to music and use your mobile.



    You mustn’t drink water but… when it’s hot, you











    You can put up your hand when you have a question


    or an idea.



    You can open the window when you ask the teacher.




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    Monday, September 16th



    Tom Scott’s presentation



    His name is Tom Scott. He is twelve years old.



    He lives in New York City. He is American.






    He has two half-brothers but he doesn’t have any





    He lives with his parents.



    He has 3 guinea pigs.






    At school he loves his school emblem and he loves


    studying history.






    He loves listening to Adele.



    He enjoys watching Twilight but he hates reading


    the book.



    He likes rowing and playing basketball but he


    doesn’t like cooking.



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    The Once-Ler before

    In this video extract, the Once-Ler was* young.

    One day, he found* paradise.

    In this marvellous place, there were* many colourful trees.

    In the middle, there was* a river and a little lake.

    Everywhere, there were* many mountains.

    There were* magical fish and they sang*.

    There were* bears and they ate* fruit.

    There were* yellow birds and they flew* in the forest.

    The Once-Ler was* very excited and cheerful because he played the guitar and sang*.

    The bears were* curious.

    Pour conjuguer au prétérit, il y a deux types de verbes:

    - les verbes réguliers : on rajoute -ED à la fin.

    Ex : play > played

    - les verbes irréguliers : on doit les apprendre par coeur.

    Ex: be > was / were

    - fly > flew

    - sing > sang

    - eat > ate

    - find > found

    Homework for Thursday 20th:

    - être capable de parler du paradis (leçon)

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