• His name is Ling. He's from China. He speaks Chinese.
    China is the largest country in the world.

    His father is an engineer and his mother doesn't work.
    She is a stay-at-home mother.
    He helps her ... : ... washing the dishes.
                                ... folding clothes.
                                ... emptying the trash can.

    He doesn't have any siblings (any sisters or brothers).
    He loves playing the piano and listening to classical music.


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  • Rahul's presentation:
    Rahul is from India. He speaks Hindi.
    India has the 2nd largest population in the world.
    The national sport is hockey.
    Rahul likes playing hockey with his friends.
    He likes watching Bollywood movies too.

    a penfriend = a penpal

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  • Écoutez la leçon en version audio ici: http://tinyurl.com/j5d6q42

    You must always be courteous, kind and polite.
    You mustn't ever fight.
    You mustn't be rude.
    Your uniform must be tidy.

    * can -> [kən]
    * les mots en -ous -> [əs] -> 'dangerous / cou'rageous / 'courteous

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  • Hi guys,

    today we did a recap of last time's lesson and we saw how to learn a lesson properly...!
    La prochaine fois, si la personne que j'interroge ne connaît pas sa leçon, vous serez mis en devoir écrit pour que je sache qui apprend bien sa leçon et qui ne fait pas le travail correctement! ATTENTION!

    We listen to a song about school rules. You identified keywords and reconstructed the meaning of the song.


    Here is what we said: Ecoutez la leçon audio ici: http://tinyurl.com/zeomjfr

    School Rules

    You mustn't stand on your chair.
    Your uniform mustn't be dirty.
    You mustn't litter the classroom.

    You must always stand up when the teacher arrives.
    You must remember your lesson and homework.
    You must put up your hand when you don't understand.

    You can clean the blackboard.

    clean / dirty

    Then you started the 1st activity of the worksheet.



    - apprendre sa leçon d'AP PAR COEUR! (vous pouvez écouter la version audio grâce au VOKI qui vocalise la leçon).

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  • Hi guys,

    today we worked on a video about Chris and his maths problem. 

    Here is what we said: Ecouter la leçon ici: http://tinyurl.com/zw35rd9

    In the video, there is a teacher and there are two students. 
    Chris and Maria are friends. 

    Chris is stressed because he doesn't understand his math problem. 

    - put up your hand / raise your hand
    - a student
    - ask a question / ask the teacher for help
    - awesome! = super! 



    - apprendre la leçon par cœur. 
    - regarder la vidéo à nouveau. 
    - préparer 3 phrases à partir du vocabulaire pour parler de la vidéo. 

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