• His favorite movie is Indiana Jones.
    The director is Stephen Spielberg.
    The main character is Harrisson Ford.
    In the film, he is an archeologist, a teacher, and an adventurer.
    He goes to India to find a magical stone.

    The hero is touching.
    He is not perfect.
    He is not very courageous. He is afraid of snakes.



    elements of a film



    - Apprendre la leçon sur Indiana Jones.
    - Se préparer à décrire le personnage physiquement et moralement.

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  • Johnny Depp's description:
    He is slim.
    He has brown eyes and wavy brown hair.
    He has a thin nose and a small mouth.
    He has a mustache and a beard.
    He has braids.
    He has a scar on his cheek.

    In the picture, he is wearing make-up and jewels.
    He is wearing a wig and a headscarf.

    Document # 3: Orlyreine's description and her family

    She is of medium height.
    thick / thin
    hazel eyes = brown eyes




    - Devoir de leçon sur la description physique = être capable de présenter Johnny Depp + n'importe quelle personne en la décrivant physiquement.

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  • Kate lives in England. Her favorite actor is Johnny Depp.
    He is American. He is about 45 years old.
    He is slim. He has brown hair and brown eyes.
    He is a really good actor / He is a talented actor.
    He plays a lot of different characters.
    He played Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean"
    He acted as Willy Wonka in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"



    Kate's Interview about Johnny Depp











    a wig
    a head scarf
    a thin nose
    mustache and beard

    Natural = he has ...
    Accessories = he is wearing ...


    Apprendre la leçon PAR COEUR! + Être capable de décrire l'image de Johnny Depp.

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  • Famous artists:

    musicians = They are a French duet. They play rap music. They have medium-long straight black hair. Their most famous song is "Onizuka".

    sportsman = He is an attacker in Lyon. He plays football at the "Olympique Lyonnais". He's black. He has short frizzy black hair and a short beard.

    actor = He is an actor in the TV series "Teenwolf". He has short black hair and brown eyes.


    1ère écoute du document sur Johnny Depp:



    - connaître la leçon
    - écouter le document Johnny Depp et se préparer à faire une description physique de l'acteur.

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  • What are your favorite activities?
    What do you like doing at school?
    Have you seen ... (the Harry Potter movies)?
    What is your favorite movie?
    What type of music do you like?
    What job do you want to do?      ---> I don't know yet.
    Do you help your parents with the chores?
    What do your parents do?
    ... How about you?


    Yours truly, ...
    Best wishes, ...

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