• People are addicted to their phones. 
    They don't care and they don't react
    In the video, they are becoming robots. 
    They are using their phone to look at the world. 
    I think it's exaggerated but it's horrible. 

    A girl is committing suicide and people are filming. They are not helping.


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  • Jasmine is a candidate for Britain's Got Talent. 
    In the background, there is a star and there are monuments of London. 
    She is on stage: she is presenting herself and her talent. 

    The presenter wishes her "Happy Birthday!" because it was her birthday two days ago
    She turned 14 (fourteen). 

    Her dad is backstage and her mom is in the audience
    She is a little stressed but I think she can sing extremely well




    - contrôle écrit de la leçon sur Jasmine. 

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  • Lecture oralisée expressive d'un texte de conte de fées.

    Sequence AP #4 : Talents

    Document #1 : Ellen Show

    A presenter (Ellen) invites stars and asks questions in her TV show.
    But in this TV show, it's not stars.
    The guests (les invités) are spectators in the audience with a special talent.

    They are not famous / popular in the world.


    I think the 1st woman can play with a football really well.
    The 2nd candidate can play piano with his hands in the back extremely well.
    The last candidate can juggle with knives, say a poem, and "surf" on a table quite well.


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  • Création d'une carte mentale sur les contes de fées pour récapituler les idées apprises:

    Sujet Central = FAIRY TALE
    -> Exemple de conte de fée = SHREK (physical portrait and mental characteristics + why it's a fairy tale)

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  • Shrek is a parody of a fairy tale.
    Some elements are changed and it's funny.
    * The story begins with "Once upon a time..."
    * The action is in a castle and a forest.
    * There is magic and there are spells. A princess has an enchantment upon her.
    * She is mistreated by a terrible fire-breathing dragon (the villain). She is locked away in a tower.
    * There is the number 7 (there are 7 towers) and the number 3 (there are 3 stars).


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