• Prom Committee: role description / best part / hardest challenge

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  • Hello guys,

    today we first spoke about different languages and then we continued the lesson about Vincent.

    Here are some things you said:

    When he goes through a door, or when the lights change, he goes to another dimension. The doors are like a portal.
    He goes back to reality but he also dreams to kill a member of his family. We imagine he is in foster care.

    Possible voices:
    The pets and monster(s)
    The painting (maybe the woman is trapped in it?)
    Vincent Malloy and Vincent Price
    The narrator
    Other voices in his head


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  • Hi guys,

    today we continued thinking about Prom and organizing possible committees.

    You had great ideas.

    See you next time.


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  • Very good presentations today!

    Presentation of 9 Marilyn by Andy Warhol

    Bravo! I'm expecting the last ones to be as good next week 
    (Kenza and Basile, don't forget!)

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  • Hi guys,

    today we started to speak about what PROM is and how you imagined it to be for Joliot Curie at the end of the year.

    Here are some slides Amy showed you to start your conversation.



    - regarder l'extrait de film suivant et en fonction de votre groupe, préparez une prise de parole sur le sujet demandé.


    Groupe 1 (Kenza, Kubra)
    Groupe 2 (Basile, Tabasum, Ruben)
    Groupe 3 (Alisha, Tiffany, Jasmine)

    Prom Night


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