• Wednesday, January 8th

     Shonny’s new school

    Shonny is twelve and she is British because she has got a uniform and there is a UK flag in the bedroom.

    She has got a uniform: a black blazer, a white shirt and a blue and white tie.

    She is excited because she has got new friends.

    She’s nervous because she has got new teachers.

    She’s happy because she’s got a new uniform.


    HAVE GOT (avoir)

    Forme affirmative

    Forme négative

    I have got

    You have got

    He/She/It has got / She’s got

    We have got

    They have got

    I haven’t got

    You haven’t got

    He/She/It hasn’t got

    We haven’t got

    They haven’t got


    Tom’s uniform

    Tom has got a blue tie, a black blazer, a white shirt, black trousers, grey socks and black shoes.

    He has got a school badge on the blazer, but he hasn’t got a jumper, a skirt and tights.

    Homework for Monday 13th: TEST ECRIT LECONS SHONNY ET TOM (voir p. 23 WB pour vocabulaire)

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