• Tuesday, September 24th

    Hello everyone, today, you continued to discover more summer news.

    Here they are:

    We are not the champions my friends

    The United States women’s soccer team (*win)  ______  their fourth women’s world cup title.

    The match (*take place) ___________ in Lyon.

    They (score) ____________2 goals in the final round against the Netherlands.

    Unfortunately, France (not win) ___________.


    The “Monster”

    President Donald Trump (qualify) ___________ “Dorian” as a monstrous hurricane.

    “Dorian” (*be) ______ a natural disaster that (devastate) ____________ the Bahamas islands but it finally (not cause) _____________ a lot of damage in the USA.



    For Friday 27/09: savoir présenter les nouveaux éléments.

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