• Tips about health and sport

    Tuesday, January 14th

    Description of the ad (2)

    The document is a poster and an ad about healthy food. It was created by a nutritionist to encourage children and people to eat well-balanced.

    At the top, there are 6 colourful photos of fruit and veggies.

    There is a slogan: “Eat a rainbow for your health”.

    In the middle, there are 6 captions / 6 tips.


    • Eating many different vegetables and fruit is good for your brain, your memory, your eyes, your skin, your joints, your bones, … It’s good to fight cancer and viruses.


    Tips about health:

    You should …       eat well-balanced.

                                 eat 5 pieces of fruit and     

                                     vegetables every day.

                                 do sport 1 hour every day.


    You should not …      eat between meals.

                                      eat too much candy / fast-food…


                                      drink alcohol / soda.

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