• Thursday, November 7th


    Amelia and Oliver

    Amelia and Oliver have got a secret identity for the new school.

    They are twins.

    They are eleven.

    They live in Liverpool.

    They have got superpowers.

    Amelia is adorable and very quiet.

    Oliver is sporty and very creative but he is not funny.

    They have got a pet: Morph. It is very intelligent and special.



    Exercise n° 2 page 30 BOOK:

    This is Bart Simpson.

    He is ten.

    He lives in Springfield.

    He is funny and cool but he is silly.

    This is Wendy Darling.

    She is twelve.

    She lives in London.

    She’s adorable.

    Homework for Tuesday 12th:

    - être capable de présenter Amelia et Oliver

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