• Monday, January 20th

    Monday, January 20th (the twentieth)



    A school day



    Jamie and Chidi go to Forest school. They have got a school




    They start school at 8.50 (eight fifty). First, they go to class


    registration (to count the class), and then it’s assembly.



    Lesson one is art, they paint and draw. At 10. 30 it’s break


    time, they go to the playground.



    Lesson two is ICT (Information and communication


    technology), they work on a computer.



    At 12. 15, it’s lunchtime. They eat in the canteen.



    In the afternoon, they have got science (it’s physics).



    At 3.15, it’s the end of the school day: they go home!


    For Tuesday 21/01: Bien apprendre la leçon du jour (être capable de parler de la vidéo)

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