• Description of the screenshot and analysis

    Wednesday, November 27th

    Description of the screenshot and analysis

    I can see people walking in the lobby. They are not socializing. They are watching their phones, they are walking with nobody. Mae and Mercer are having an argument.

    • Social media don’t connect people together.

    There is a marble wall in the background and there are many lines. In the foreground, there are 4 windows and 4 big lines.

    • It looks like a jail / a prison. The decoration represents social media because you never go out like in a prison when you are on social media (on your computer, … )

    On the windows, we can see the reflection of the world outside. Inside it is very dark and cold whereas outside it is bright and colourful.

    • Mercer represents the view of the director and he dies at the end. It’s a pessimistic film.
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