• Analysis of the picture (2)


    Thursday, November 28th



    Analysis of the picture (2)





    I can see a reflection in the windows. I can see trees, grass, the sky, …


    I can see outside. It’s the vision of the world of Mercer because he


    likes to have fun and go on adventure.






    The main material inside is marble. This material is solid, cold and





    It is solid like a prison.



    It is cold like when you don’t have any friends.



    It is rich because you pay social media with your personal





    Homework for Monday December 2nd:


    - Savoir décrire et analyser l'image vue en cours. (Can you describe


    and analyse the picture?)


    - Rendre le brouillon de sa tâche finale (1- summary / 2- Mae/Mercer


    speaks / 3- message of the film and opinion)


    The analysis of the screenshot (2)



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