• Where do they deliver the food?
    ... in Mumbai.

    How much does the service cost?
    ... $10 a month.

    How do they communicate with their clients / customers?
    ... with a website and SMS.

    Who partnered with the dabbawallas?
    Microsoft ...


    + test: Lecture d'un texte = surlignage du texte et création de questions / réponses en s'aidant des informations comprises dans le texte.

    More questions about the dabbawallas in India



    - connaître ses leçons sur l'Inde.


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  • The Dabbawallas in Mumbai

    Mystery Pictures:

    This is a dabba, a box or a pail with a handle and a lid.
    There are letters and colours on the lid.
    It contains home-cooked food.
    The family prepares the food and a dabbawalla delivers it from home to the right person at school or in an office.
    A dabbawalla is a person who delivers the boxes.


    New Sequence - India

    New Sequence - India


    Q&A (Questions and Answers):

    When did they create the association?
           They created the association in 1890.

    Where do they work?
           They work in Mumbai, one of the biggest cities in India.

    Who are the dabbawallas?
           They are delivery men. They are fairly illiterate.

    How do they deliver the food?
           They don't use technology.

    What means of transport do they use?
           They use the local train, bicycles, and carts.

    What are the colours on the lid?
           The colours are a code.

    How many clients do they have?
           They have about 200.000 customers.

    How many roles are there in the association?
           There are 3 roles (government, supervisors, dabbawallas)

    How much does the service cost?
           The service costs $10 a month.

    What do the dabbawallas bring to join the association.
           They bring 2 bicycles, a wooden crate, and 20 rupees.

    How can the customers contact the service?
           The customers can send an SMS or visit the website.

    Who is the boss?
           There are no bosses.

    What language does he speak?
           He speaks Hindi.

    Where do they leave their bikes.
           They leave their bikes at the train station.

    Who is this?
           This is the president of the association.

    Where do the dabbawallas come from?
           They come from the same villages.

    How much are they paid?
           They are paid an equal income / salary.

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    - test mardi 05/04 sur la formation des questions = être capable de poser des questions sur une information connue ou nouvelle concernant un sujet familier (les dabbawallas).

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    Document 2:




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  • The time / the period is different so there are many differences but it is a good modern adaptation.
    The personality of Sherlock is similar: he's exuberant and childish.
    The places are the same: a laboratory, 221b Baker Street, London, ...



    - apprendre la trace écrite = savoir parler de la vidéo (différences et ressemblances entre la vidéo et le livre).

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