• Wednesday, January 22nd (the twenty-second)


    My favourite day at school

    My favourite day is Monday because we finish at 3:35 pm.

    I prefer Wednesday because we have got two English periods and French.

    You’re right, I love Wednesday because we finish at 12:05 pm.

    So, our favourite day is Wednesday.

    First day at school

    In the picture, there are students in a classroom.

    There are desks, chairs, and a window.

    There are folders, pens and papers on the desks.

    The students have got a uniform: a blue jumper, a yellow and blue tie, a white shirt and black shoes.

    Oliver has got black trousers.

    Amelia has got a black skirt.

    The teacher presents Amelia and Oliver to the class because it’s the first day in the new school.

    Tim and Sophia are nice and friendly.

    Simon and Blake are mean and silly.

    Homework for Thursday 23rd:

    - TEST LECON : revoir le matériel scolaire, les matières scolaires, l’uniforme et le verbe HAVE GOT et BE

    - être capable de dire son jour préféré à l’école.

    Monday 27th: -être capable de décrire l’image p 42 LIVRE

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