• Tuesday, November 19th (the nineteenth)


    Malaki’s audition

    The document is a video extract from Britain’s got Talent. It’s Malaki’s audition.

    His name is Malaki and he’s nine.

    He’s a schoolboy.

    He lives in London with his mum and that’s it.

    He is very nervous.

    The jury member says he’s very cute.

    I think he can sing extremely well.

    His mum is moved and she cries.

    The jury’s questions:

    • What’s your name?

    • How old are you?

    • Where are you from? / Where do you live?

    • Are you nervous?

    • Who are you with?

    Homework for Wednesday 27th:

    -être capable de présenter Malaki et de poser les questions du jury.

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