• Tuesday, January 7th

    Tuesday, January 7th (the seventh) 2020 (two thousand and twenty)


    Unit 2-lesson 1: A British girl


    • BOOK page 42


    Picture 1:

    I can see a girl in a garden. She has got a blue jacket.

    There are purple flowers and white chairs.


    Picture 2:

    I can see the same girl in a bedroom. She has got a school uniform: it’s black, white, grey and purple. She has got black shoes.

    There is a school bag on the bed and the flag of the UK on the wall.

    There are books and pencils on her shelf.

    She is ready for school!



    There is + singulier

    There are + pluriel


    For Thursday 9/01: être capable de décrire les deux images. Apprendre les mots de vocabulaire soulignés.



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