• Tuesday, January 28th

    Tuesday, January 28th (the twenty-eighth) 2020


    What’s your favourite day ?


    My favourite day is Tuesday !

    On Tuesdays, we start at 7.55 and we have got a double period of P.E (2 hours) and at 9.50 it’s break time, we go to the playground.

    From 10. 05 (Ten “O” five) to 11. 05 (eleven “o” five), we have got English and then maths.

    At 12.05, it’s lunchtime! We go home or we go to the canteen to eat.

    From 1.35 to 2.35 we’ve got science/biology and then French.

    We finish school at 3.35 so we go home.



    For Thursday 30/01: Evaluation unit 2 (recycle and lesson1)

    (Bien revoir le matériel scolaire, les matières, les vêtements, have got...) cahier /livre/WB

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