• Thursday, October 17th


    The second poster

    The document is a second version of the poster for the movie Billy Elliot.

    There are many colours: blue, red and white like the Australian, American or British flags.

    In the foreground, there is a foot with a ballerina.

    In the background, there is a boxing ring.

    The ballerina and the ring are mixed, it symbolizes the hesitation between boxing and dancing.


    What does it feel like when you’re dancing?

    When I’m dancing, I feel cheerful/nervous/angry/ashamed/embarrassed/ uncomfortable/ excited…

    I feel like a tiger / a monkey/ an elephant/ a wolf / a bird…

    I (don’t) feel like Beyonce / Shakira / Michael Jackson…

    because I’m scared people will laugh at me…



    Homework for Tuesday, 5th:

    être capable de présenter les 2 affiches de Billy Elliot

    et dire comment on se sent quand on danse.

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