• Thursday, February 6th

    Thursday, February 6th (the sixth) 2020


    The last symbols


    Picture three is a representation of God Rama. He has a blue


    skin and a necklace of flowers around the neck.



    He has make-up on his face and he is holding a bow in his


    right hand and an arrow in his left hand.


    Picture four is about a traditional Indian song: Darshan Do



    Ganshyam. The song was written by Surdas: he was a blind


    poet, musician and a saint. He lived in the 15th century.


    Picture five is a photo of two notes/bills. On the 1,000 rupee


    note,there is a portrait of Gandhi. 100 US dollars is 6,000


    rupees and there is Benjamin Franklin on the note.


    Extract 1:

    The main character is a boy. He was locked in the toilets….



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