• The analysis of the screenshot (2)


    Thursday, November 28th




    The analysis of the screenshot (2)



    Mae and Mercer are not socializing. They are arguing and the rest of


    the people are just on their phones. They are isolated.




    Inside, the colors are white and black. It’s dark whereas outside it is


    colorful. You can see the colors in the reflection of the windows.



    The windows look like a screen. People are trapped on social media,


    in a virtual prison.



    The director may think nothing can change because when Mercer


    died, Mae didn’t change her point of view.





    Homework for Tuesday December 3rd:


    - Savoir analyser parfaitement l'image extraite du film


    - Préparer et rendre le brouillon (sur feuille) de sa tâche finale.

    The analysis of the screenshot (2)

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