• Sequence # 3 - Billy Elliot

    Sequence # 3

    Billy Elliot, a dancer or a boxer?


    Tuesday, November 5th

    Description of the movie posters

    The document is an extract from a movie.

    It takes place in a boxing ring.

    There are 2 characters, 2 children. A boy and a girl.

    The boy is wearing a white vest top and black shorts. He has red gloves and a red helmet.

    The girl has glasses but I can’t see her clothes.

    Maybe she has a ballet dress and ballet shoes.


    I can imagine they are brother and sister or they are a couple.


    1- from a movie poster.

    2- boxing ring.

    3- There is … 1 character

        a) red ballet shoe / black tights

        b) blue floor / red ropes

    4- … black tights

    → to hide the identity the dancer

    → boxing is for boys and ballet is for girls. Many people have this stereotype.

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