• Monday, March 9th


    Video part 1: Ice??

    The document is a video extract from Cool Runnings.  

    To have a good bobsled team, we need: 

    - A good driver, 

    - Three strong runners, 

    - Ice, 

    - A bobsled (it is a pushcart with no wheels), 

    - A helmet and gloves 

    Sanka is shocked because it is a winter sport, and in Jamaica there is no ice, no igloos, no Eskimos and no penguins.  

    He thinks Derris is crazy / mad / insane.  

    Video part 2: It’s no!

    Derris needs Sanka in his bobsled team but his friend says no.

    He flatters Sanka: “you are the best driver in Jamaica”

    He says he will be famous and he will have his face on a cereals box.

    Homework for Tuesday 10th:

    -     Être capable de parler des deux extraits vidéo.

    -     Rendre questionnaire parents mercredi


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