• Monday, January 13th


    Shaheen’s audition

    His name is Shaheen and he is about eleven.

    He is with his mum and he is a schoolboy.

    He sings a song by Amy Winehouse because he loves her.

    Contrary to Asanda, he is a little shy.

    Contrary to Asanda, he’s not annoying at all.

    In the middle of his audition, one jury member stops him and says it’s wrong.

    But the jury member gives a second chance to Shaheen and he sings again because he’s very brave.


    Malaki’s results

    At the end, Malaki has got four yeses from the jury.

    They say he’s a total star and people are gonna love him.

    Malaki is very excited and proud.

    The spectators are moved and they give Malaki a standing ovation.

    Homework for Tuesday 14th:

    - finir de recopier la leçon

    - connaître la leçon sur Shaheen.


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