• How to describe a picture

    Méthode d'analyse d'image: Présentation et description. 

    1- Décrire précisément (avec localisateurs et "there is / there are ...") 

    2- Parler des actions des personnages (avec present BE+ing) 

    3- Parler des émotions et de la personnalité. 

    4- Donner son avis. 


    In the picture, there is a girl in the background and in the middle
    In the foreground, there are many people. 

    The girl is committing suicide and the people are filming

    The girl is probably scared and very sad

    I think it's exaggerated but horrible! 


    at the top / at the bottom 
    on the left / on the right 
    in the middle / in the background / in the foreground / in the corner


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