• Hello,

    Today, you watched the movie trailer "Finding Vivian Maier".


    Finding Vivian Maier (trailer)


    Vivian Maier was* a very private woman. She had* a secret life and she was* a close person.


    In real life, she was* a nanny. And in her secret life, she took* photographs. Maybe, she was* a spy.




    Homework for Wednesday 14th:


    • Apprendre leçon par coeur et revoir trailer sur blog / relire texte.
    • Amener son selfie réalisé en arts plastiques.


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  • Hello,

    Today, you had a test on picture description.

    No homework for next week.

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  • Hello!

    Today, you practised reading the presentation and description of Vivian Maier's self-portrait with the new pads!

    You can listen to the best productions here:

    Homework for Wednesday 24th: revoir les dernières leçons et être capable de présenter un document.

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  • Hello!

    Today, you did a recap of Vivian Maier’s self-portrait presentation and description.

    Vivian Maier's self-portrait

    The document is an old black and white self-portrait.

    It was taken by Vivian Maier in the 1950s.

    The scene takes place in the street, in the city.

    In the middle, there is a woman. She's taking a picture with her old camera. She's using a mirror to take a self-portrait.

    There is a little girl on the right, next to the photographer.

    In the background, there are shops, a building and a truck on the left. The background is a bit blurry.

    The little girl is wearing rich clothes whereas the photographer is wearing poor clothes.

    The girl looks arrogant and serious.

    The woman looks emotionless and serious too.

    Maybe the photographer is taking this picture because it's the last moment she spends with the little girl.


    Homework for Wednesday 17th: apprendre leçon et être capable de décrire l’image

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  • Hello,

    Today, you gave me good reasons to have a smartphone and then you discovered a self-portrait by Vivian Maier.

    We will continue and recap your good observations next time!

     I forgot my phone... PART 2

    The man is texting instead of watching the show.

    People are filming the concert instead of enjoying the moment and the girl behind can't see.

    In my opinion, it's a good video to show smartphone addiction and I think it's very sad.


    Positive arguments about smartphones:

    - You can play on your smartphone if you are bored.

    - I believe smartphones are a good invention and useful because you can phone everywhere.

    - With a smartphone, you can phone, you can download apps and take pictures of memories, you can send texts...

    - You can have your smartphones always with you in your pocket.

    - You don't need a computer to surf the web.


    Wednesday, May 3rd


    Vivian Maier / self-portrait / street / city / 1950's /black and white

    woman taking pictures / camera

    a mirror

    shops / building / truck > blurry

    little girl : arrogant /rich clothes / manners

    woman : poor clothes / dress / emotionless / serious > MUM ? NANNY?

    + perfect background / arrogant

    - old (black and white) / arrogant


    Homework for Wednesday 10th: être capable de me donner de bonnes raisons d'avoir un smartphone.




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