• The document is a self-portrait
    The photo was taken in 1956 by Vivian Maier. 
    I think the scene takes place in her living-room. 

    There is the artist in the middle. She is sitting on a chair. 
    She is looking at the spectators when the camera is taking a picture itself (it's automatic). 
    The picture is very dark. So we can't see her eyes. 

    I don't really like the picture because I prefer photos in colours. But it's interesting. 
    It gives you emotions
    I guess the woman is scary and mysterious. She is probably very unfriendly
    She looks determined. I believe she is a warrior in life. 

    Self-Portrait # 2

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  • The document is a self-portrait.
    It's a photo in black and white.
    The picture was taken in 1956 by Vivian Maier.
    It takes place in her house.

    On the left, there is a woman. She is taking a photo of herself. She is looking up at the light.
    On the right, there are 4 mirrors. There are 3 reflections of herself.
    The picture is not dark. There is a lot of light.

    I think the woman is shy because she is not looking at the camera. She is not looking at the spectators.
    According to me, the woman is in her world.

    Vivian Maier's Self-Portrait

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  • Hi guys,

    today we watched this video and you had to describe it to the other pupils.

    # I am a deer

    Here is what you wrote in your copybook:

    The Snapchat filter:

    The video is a short film. It's a caricature of people addicted to social media.
    There is a girl. She is addicted to Snapchat.
    She loves ... taking selfies.
                         speaking with her friends. 
                         sharing pictures and videos.

    -> She is obsessed with her appearance and she is addicted to her smart phone.

    In the film, she is blocked on the Snapchat filter. She has long ears, very big eyes, and the nose of an animal / of a deer.

    -> She is shocked and she panics.



    - apprendre le commentaire fait sur cette vidéo.

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  • Méthode d'analyse d'image: Présentation et description. 

    1- Décrire précisément (avec localisateurs et "there is / there are ...") 

    2- Parler des actions des personnages (avec present BE+ing) 

    3- Parler des émotions et de la personnalité. 

    4- Donner son avis. 


    In the picture, there is a girl in the background and in the middle
    In the foreground, there are many people. 

    The girl is committing suicide and the people are filming

    The girl is probably scared and very sad

    I think it's exaggerated but horrible! 


    at the top / at the bottom 
    on the left / on the right 
    in the middle / in the background / in the foreground / in the corner


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  • Hi guys,

    today we finished discussing about Moby's song and you had very good thoughts.

    Here is the worksheet we worked on to finalize the presentation.


    - Apprendre les descriptions et commentaires sur la chanson.

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