• An original self-portrait by Vivian Maier:

    The document is a self-portrait.
    It's a black and white picture.
    The photo was taken in 1956 by Vivan Maier.
    It takes place in a house.

    The main character is a woman. She is taking a photo of herself with an old camera.

    Vivan Maier's self-portrait



    Description à terminer à l'oral.

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  • Hi guys,

    today we finished studying the meaning of Olivia's poem and we worked on how to put pressure on someone with the structure: want ... to


    Olivia wants the fashion industry to stop killing animals.


    Finally, you had to imagine two more lines to Olivia's poem and get ready to learn the whole poem by heart!



    - finir l'écriture des vers rimés si pas terminée en classe + apprendre le poème et vos deux vers par cœur. Passage à l'oral noté.

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  • Questions from the jury

    What's your name? 
                      My name is ... 

    How old are you? 
                      I'm .... years old. 

    What is your grade in school? 
                      I'm in 7th grade / I'm a sophomore in middle school. 

    What are you like? 
                      I'm not shy. I'm cheerful, talkative, and easy-going

    What can you do? 
    What is your talent? 
    What are you gonna do
                      I am a poet. I write poems. 

    Who is with you here today? 
                      I came with my mom and dad. 

    What do you like?
                      I like animals, especially wild animals. 


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  • Correction des productions écrites sur les contes de fées.
    Réflexion sur la formation du prétérit en anglais et prise en note des verbes irréguliers rencontrés (le plus courants).

    Découverte des lettres des correspondants et lecture des lettres. Réaction sur les erreurs des anglais en français.
    Explication en anglais grâce à la compréhension des erreurs.

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