• Friday, February 7th (the seventh)


    Extract # 1:


    The main character was blocked in the toilets and he jumped


    into the poop to get an autograph from his favourite actor:


    Amitabh Bachchan.


    Later, his brother stole the photo and sold it.


    Emotions: The boy was excited first, then he was


    disappointed and sad because his brother betrayed


    him/backstabbed him!


    Symbols: This extracts explains that Jamal is a fan of


    Amitabh Bachchan.




    At the beginning, the man character was playing in the water


    and his mother was washing clothes when suddenly a group of


    men attacked the village.


    They hit her with a bar and she drowned in the river. They


    ran away/fled/escaped and they met/saw a child with a


    costume of God Rama.


    They met policemen: they were smoking and playing cards,


    they didn’t react!


    For Monday 10/02 : venir avec son diaporama et revoir


    les 2 extraits.





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